Monday, 7 November 2011

First Saffron Harvest and Autumn Foliage in our Garden

Its beautiful out there now.

Minus the daily chore of raking dried leaves, autumn is possible my second favourite season of the year after spring. 

What a change considering Autumn was my favourite season before moving here.  Then, I did not know that Autumn can get uncomfortable wet.

But this Autumn has been lovely.  The temperature has not only been mild, it has been relatively dry and has not been as gloomy as previous years.

After chatting with a friend over the topic of roses, I went downstairs today to tend to my new babies.  My flower bulbs and seeds inventory has been insanely huge.  So much so, I had to leave some out.  I also bought 4 new rose plants in addition to 1 which was a gift.  My friend (lets call her DH France) told me the best way to keep the roses warm during winter is to cover them with these dried leaves.

I did exactly that to DH Hamburg´s Maria Theresia rose gift.

Also to Henri Matisse.

Blanket of dried leaves covering my babies ...

And Palais Biron which I recently checked had doubled its price.

My babies will be warmer tonight.

Notice the tiny red strand amongst the autumn leaves?  Yup, those are my newly acquired Saffron Krokus.

This petals are already dried up so I got the saffron thread plucked out and placed into a nice glass jar.  I wonder how long more shall I wait to be able to cook a nice paella dish with saffron harvested from my garden?  I can´t wait!

I also harvested the last batch of Mexican chillies.  It wil be for tonight´s dinner!

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  1. I love autumn! I mean with all the colourful leafs and the melancholic mood that it provoces. I can stay in front of the window with glass of wine and watch all day long!


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