Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Dinner @ Hermann´s Höhe

My lost my cooking mojo since last week so I had either been doing repeats of what I´ve cooked before, or resorting to eating out lately.  Some eat out were fairly simple affair in either local imbis (snack point) or cafe but one of the night, we decided to give a restaurant dining a try.

This time round, we chose Hermann´s Höhe.  Höhe literarilly meant high, referring to the location where this restaurant is located which is on a hilly part of the area where we live.  Food was fairly good, homely German fair but portion was kept to decent and not too scary.  Whenever I dine in a German restaurant,  I like to order pork because I find their pork dishes tasting the best as compared to other meat or seafood dishes.  As you can see here, the pork cutlet is still pinkish in the centre and looked succulent!  I was first a bit squimish about it BUT was reminded again of the programmes I saw on TV.  Many years ago, we have been told that pork temperature had to reach a minimum of 180C but now, food scientist says its good at 160C!

Hub has a pork fillet dish too, but prepared on a grill.  We are in Germany after all so pork it is!!!

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