Monday, 10 October 2011

This is why I have been inconsistent in blogging ...

My hubby thinks my taste in home interior is so predictable and boringly white.  Now that our kitchen is white-out, my hands are itching to transform our study room and next, livingroom.  This game I have been getting addicted to lately is a pretty cool game for me to do just that.  Since its just a simple click away and its FREE (it does make a difference versus actually paying thru your nose to do a home makeover), I have been getting electic and getting carried away in that game :-D Hub came in the other day while I was playing.  He was surprise with how I put the whole look together.  But he said one thing that surprised me.  I prefer your white out taste.  Which made me ponder ... means, he is starting to like white as oppose to the multiple hues he use to do up our home?


  1. Haha..was that you with the big head, blue eyes, blonde hair sitting on a red couch in white?


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