Sunday, 23 October 2011

Poulet Chasseur et carottes de Vichy For Lazy Weekend

I loveee French food.  Have I mention that?  Yes I do.  To me, french food is the ultimate cuisine I wish to cook day in day out with ease if I can.  I´ve eaten lots of french food and have not even once found anything I dislike - it amazes me.  Recently, my stammtisch friends decided to each bring a fingerfood from Europe for our next meet up.  In order for the eight of us not to repeat bringing the same item, each of us were assigned to a European country.  I volunteered to bring something French, to the surprise of many. Hehe.  Who says asian girl does not know anything apart from asian cuisine? :-D

I made a french main course for dinner tonight.  It is from my recently acquired cookbook title simple The Food of France - A journey for food lovers.  I love this book, infact better than my Le Cordon Bleu cookbook.  The photos are simply amazing, the recipes doable and inviting and here´s what I chose with the chicken meat I picked up earlier.  Its Poulet Chasseur, a stew dish with butter, white wine, brandy, tarragon, tomato puree, shallots and mushroom ... and we both LOVEEE it! I love it so much I think this dish beats the overated Coq Au Vin hands down, seriously! 

I serve them with another classic french side dish of Carottes de Vichy.  Its a simple carrot side dish, and again, the french knows how to make them tasty.  Here´s the trick.  Put a cup of cold water in a pot (must be a pot), throw the sliced carrots in together with salt, pepper, sugar and butter and let it cook until all the liquid evaporates.  Garnish them with lots of parsley.  Thats it but tasted so fantastic!

Thats it! I will swap my Fusion Wednesday to French Wednesday seeing I love french food so much! :-D

We ended our meal with a simple trifle of Autumn Apple VLA and German Spekulatius.  Both married well.


  1. Poulet Chasseur..?!! wow, what a clever cookie you are:) cook for me lah!

  2. Everything looks so delicious! I can recommend you the book of Julia Child about French cuisine it is the best as far as I am concerned!


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