Thursday, 6 October 2011

Nasi Goreng Kampung for Asian Tuesday

We are back from Barcelona. We pigged out every single night with 2-3 course dinner either in La Ramblas or Barcelonetta and none of the dinner failed us.  Food there is good, but I guess I am a creature of only 1 good meal a day.  If I have more than that, my body would start kicking up a fuss and start deteriorating and so, this is the story with me now ... trying to recover from a bad flu which I caught on our 5th or 6th day of our trip.  Bummer.  The first proper meal I had since arriving back was this - Nasi Goreng Kampung for Asian Tuesday.  Not that I´m religiously following my plan but I kinda miss eating asian food after a week of spanish goodies.  Monday was basically spent recuperating in bed with lots of light bread, water and tablets.  Yesterday, the virus striked again so, it was another simple meal for us. Yes.  Us because hubby caught the flu bug too - thanks to me.  I am not sure what´s for dinner tonight.  Frankly, I´ve lost my appetite and all I can think of is porridge.  So, we will see ...

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