Friday, 21 October 2011

Char Kuey Teow for Missing Home Days ...

I can´t remember which day I made these.  I reckon it is right after looking at some CKT photo online and right before our London Trip.  Everything went well in London.  I am amazed with how smooth the passport renewal process is but I am utterly appaled with the state of the toilets in the Malaysia High Comm building in Belgravia, London.  While we were there, a nice S-Class Mercedes were parked right outside the building. It has I M stated and I reckon its probably for the Malaysian ambassador working there?  What luxury, which is fine because they wanna give good image to foreigners.  The building I heard belongs to the country too.  But why the state of toilet is beyond me to understand.  Hubby noticed that on the spot and asked me one thousand and one question about it.  He is right.  What is with the mentality of spending so much but not maintaining it.  If the country want to impress, do it all the way and not half-half as how the toilet conditions are because frankly, the toilets are not just for Malaysians to use but also to foreigners whom want to obtain visa for their Malaysian stay too.

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