Sunday, 23 October 2011

Poulet Chasseur et carottes de Vichy For Lazy Weekend

I loveee French food.  Have I mention that?  Yes I do.  To me, french food is the ultimate cuisine I wish to cook day in day out with ease if I can.  I´ve eaten lots of french food and have not even once found anything I dislike - it amazes me.  Recently, my stammtisch friends decided to each bring a fingerfood from Europe for our next meet up.  In order for the eight of us not to repeat bringing the same item, each of us were assigned to a European country.  I volunteered to bring something French, to the surprise of many. Hehe.  Who says asian girl does not know anything apart from asian cuisine? :-D

I made a french main course for dinner tonight.  It is from my recently acquired cookbook title simple The Food of France - A journey for food lovers.  I love this book, infact better than my Le Cordon Bleu cookbook.  The photos are simply amazing, the recipes doable and inviting and here´s what I chose with the chicken meat I picked up earlier.  Its Poulet Chasseur, a stew dish with butter, white wine, brandy, tarragon, tomato puree, shallots and mushroom ... and we both LOVEEE it! I love it so much I think this dish beats the overated Coq Au Vin hands down, seriously! 

I serve them with another classic french side dish of Carottes de Vichy.  Its a simple carrot side dish, and again, the french knows how to make them tasty.  Here´s the trick.  Put a cup of cold water in a pot (must be a pot), throw the sliced carrots in together with salt, pepper, sugar and butter and let it cook until all the liquid evaporates.  Garnish them with lots of parsley.  Thats it but tasted so fantastic!

Thats it! I will swap my Fusion Wednesday to French Wednesday seeing I love french food so much! :-D

We ended our meal with a simple trifle of Autumn Apple VLA and German Spekulatius.  Both married well.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Dutch Apple Cake for Vegetarian Friday

Its Friday, its Friday! Oh .. why am I getting so excited over Friday :-P  Not that it makes a difference in my life right now since I am officially a housewive and am not working.  For the past few days since we got back from London, I have been accompanying my MIL in the garden to pluck whatever apples that is left on our apple trees.  This year, our harvest has been tremendous.  MIL said, she can´t recall when we last had such abundance of apple harvest.  We harvested about 80 just before we left, but every other day, we would pick up another 10-20.  We tried eating them fresh, as much as 3 a day.  We also cooked some of them, turning them into apfelmus but most of them goes down into our cellar.  MIL says that the good ones can stay fresh for a while there.  Just the other day I was down at the cellar and was surprise to spot 100 over apples layed nicely on our cellar racks, as if waiting for some customer to come pick them up.  MIL apparently graded the apples accordingly with A being best eaten fresh, B means we have a week to think about what to do with it still and C being, have to cook them asap.  It is a funny situation, but yes, it has to be done :-P 

Just awhile ago, I baked a Dutch Apple Cake/Tart/Pie ... I have no idea which is the right way to call them really.  The cookbook where I got the recipe from calls it a cake but it clearly is shaped like a tart.  Names aside, it tasted fantastic! I can´t wait for hub to sink his teeth into it.  As I am typing this, he is still not back from work althought he is officially off at 2pm today.  Poor hubby, had to OT since getting back from our Barcelona trip due to his 1 week off and year end work.

Char Kuey Teow for Missing Home Days ...

I can´t remember which day I made these.  I reckon it is right after looking at some CKT photo online and right before our London Trip.  Everything went well in London.  I am amazed with how smooth the passport renewal process is but I am utterly appaled with the state of the toilets in the Malaysia High Comm building in Belgravia, London.  While we were there, a nice S-Class Mercedes were parked right outside the building. It has I M stated and I reckon its probably for the Malaysian ambassador working there?  What luxury, which is fine because they wanna give good image to foreigners.  The building I heard belongs to the country too.  But why the state of toilet is beyond me to understand.  Hubby noticed that on the spot and asked me one thousand and one question about it.  He is right.  What is with the mentality of spending so much but not maintaining it.  If the country want to impress, do it all the way and not half-half as how the toilet conditions are because frankly, the toilets are not just for Malaysians to use but also to foreigners whom want to obtain visa for their Malaysian stay too.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Pan Fried Canard with Red Wine Sauce, Serve with Creme Fraiche/Bärlauch Mash Potato for Fusion Wednesday

I was craving for something rich and decadent last night.  Upon noticing 2 pieces of french canard in the fridge which I had stocked up earlier, I knew I wanted them to be paired with a rich red wine sauce like how some french restaurants does it.  My sauce as you can see is dilluted still and I suppose, one can simmer a while more to thicken it to a lovely consistency but we both can´t wait to sink our teeth into the already plated duck meat! Ah well ... somethings can´t wait huh ...

Bak Kut Teh for Asian Tuesday

Some people are just simply good with influencing other people while some are just easily being influenced.  I belong to the latter category and this was exactly what happened early this week while chatting to some friends over Facebook.  DH Drachten suddenly had the urge to cook BKT (short form for Bak Kut Teh) seeing the weather´s cold and gloomy outside.  DH Almere wanted to have some too but did not have any of the spice mix around.  DH Ooshuizen started offering hers when she sees her next.  I can´t recall if DH Hamburg was in the conversation or not soon after because the conversation clearly got me up on my toes quickly, went to the kitchen, ransacked my asian pantry and started putting the assembles together!  DH Drachten is right.  BKT is perfect for cold weather like now.  I ate them over Tuesday evening for dinner as well as on Wednesday for lunch.  Warm and fulfilling and thankfully, I think I have a few packets of the spices around still ...

Monday, 10 October 2011

Tagliatelle All´Ortolana for Pasta Monday

Ortolana is a sauce base originating from Campania where farmers uses up whatever summer vegetables that´s left from their garden to concoct up this pasta sauce.  The cooking method is apparently very straightforward where the sauteeing sequence starts which whatever which takes the longest to cook.  What you see here are ready made.  I was curious of how it would taste, grabbed a packet and I am impressed.  Hubby liked it too.  I have mine serve with extra portion of anchovies in olive oil for that extra kick.

This is why I have been inconsistent in blogging ...

My hubby thinks my taste in home interior is so predictable and boringly white.  Now that our kitchen is white-out, my hands are itching to transform our study room and next, livingroom.  This game I have been getting addicted to lately is a pretty cool game for me to do just that.  Since its just a simple click away and its FREE (it does make a difference versus actually paying thru your nose to do a home makeover), I have been getting electic and getting carried away in that game :-D Hub came in the other day while I was playing.  He was surprise with how I put the whole look together.  But he said one thing that surprised me.  I prefer your white out taste.  Which made me ponder ... means, he is starting to like white as oppose to the multiple hues he use to do up our home?

Saturday, 8 October 2011

La Fonda Inspired Goat´s Cheese Salad and Tomato Gruyere Pizza for Vegetarian Friday

The title says it all.  It was our dinner last night but toothache striked again so I had to give it a miss after taking a few bites.  The pizza dough was great.  It is a recipe from Ina Garden´s cookbook.  Although its a french base recipe book, the dough was pretty close to the italian kind so I guess, its a keeper :-)

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Nasi Goreng Kampung for Asian Tuesday

We are back from Barcelona. We pigged out every single night with 2-3 course dinner either in La Ramblas or Barcelonetta and none of the dinner failed us.  Food there is good, but I guess I am a creature of only 1 good meal a day.  If I have more than that, my body would start kicking up a fuss and start deteriorating and so, this is the story with me now ... trying to recover from a bad flu which I caught on our 5th or 6th day of our trip.  Bummer.  The first proper meal I had since arriving back was this - Nasi Goreng Kampung for Asian Tuesday.  Not that I´m religiously following my plan but I kinda miss eating asian food after a week of spanish goodies.  Monday was basically spent recuperating in bed with lots of light bread, water and tablets.  Yesterday, the virus striked again so, it was another simple meal for us. Yes.  Us because hubby caught the flu bug too - thanks to me.  I am not sure what´s for dinner tonight.  Frankly, I´ve lost my appetite and all I can think of is porridge.  So, we will see ...