Monday, 19 September 2011

Hubby Made Spanish Paella

Yes, I am back to blog, after like ... weekssss.  In a few days time, we will soon be greeted by the official date to cross over to Autumn.  I have been spending past weeks with  many task at hand, some at home but mainly, I was away in Hamburg doing my driving lessons and taking the exam. And I failed. Bummer.  But there is always a saying, what does not break you will make you stronger so I hold that saying as off now.

Before all the summery activity started rolling in, hub volunteered to cook us a nice dinner one night. It is nice when he takes over because, cooking can be tedious after one does it day in day out.  The inspiration needless to say can also be taxing too .. so anyway, here´s what he made for us.

His version of Spanish Paella complete with saffron and all.  In Valencia, it seems the locals eat them with rabbit meat but that would totally repulse me away so, I am cool with plain chicken meat and chorizo sausage anytime.  Chorizo sausage really does make a difference.  The oil infusion is what sets it apart and these were just normal supermarket chorizo. 

We will be flying off to Barcelona for our long awaited holiday (postponed from May).  I can´t wait to bring hub to my favourite restaurant in Barcelona.  It is a hidden gem, gorgeous food and very affordable ... and it is happening really soon! I will be taking it easy this week before all the craziness hits again ...


  1. Hi Lianne,

    I love Paella. But i've never cooked it myself. Is it hard?

    Never mind lah..just try again next time. I know that it's not really easy here in Germany for the driving test. People i know made it at least 2 times. You'll be good the next time!

  2. That paella looks delicious. Love chorizo.

    I've heard that the driving exam in Germany is very difficult--here in the U.S., you pretty much have to actually hit another car or a person in order to fail! SO I think the higher standard is probably better :) Anyway, try, try again! At least you know what to expect now :)


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