Saturday, 20 August 2011

View from Hospital and Family Dinner at Drebbers

Last week had been a rather stressful week for all of us at home.  FIL got admitted to hospital for some complication for a week but had since got himself discharged and is recuperating well at home.  It is my second time visiting this hospital in the town where I live.  Although it is small town, I was told we were bless to have a very good and fairly sizeble hospital here.  Apart from the amount of specialist listed here, I cannot help noticing how well they have landscaped the compound all around the hospital.  I also love how they invested in lots and lots of solar panel to help facilitate the operation in a more environment friendlier way.  For example, check out the white building.  That is an old folks home attached to the hospital with solar panels squeezed compactly on the roof.  I don´t mind living in old folks home like these when I grow old. 

This photo was taken from FIL´s room window.  Every evening, I cannot help gasping at the view staring back at me.  This is where I call home now and it surely is pretty and neat isn´t it?

We went out for dinner after visiting FIL one evening.  It was spontaneous decision after being told earlier that FIL´s good recovery.

I had a Red Berliner Weisser ... which is basically Beer Mix with Himbeeren (rasberry).  I thought I´ll give the red one ago after trying the green version several times.

My dinner of pork loin with red wine sauce, serve with grilled vegetables, mushrooms and baby potatoes.  The red sauce is delicious.

Hub has baby porkloin served with gorgonzola sauce.

MIL had sliced pork with fresh mushroom pieces.

MIL treated us to this dinner and had suggested us to have more sessions like these with her!

Well :-D


  1. I agree with you..Our hospital here, eventhough in a small city, the quality of the hospital is really good. It's always green around the area. With parks and benches. The doctors, nurses or even cleaner are really friendly and helpful.

    Solar panels can been seen at buildings like hospitals and schools here. I wonder why Malaysia is not doing more on this since it's blessed with 365 days of sun.

    Those food look really delicious!

  2. I wonder the same too. Msia has so much sun to fully utilise it. Besides, Msia is known for manufacturing. Can´t no one produce or set up a factory in Msia?


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