Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Vietnamse Style Lemongrass Tamarind Chicken for Asian Tuesday

I´ve been asked to contribute a salad dish coming Saturday for one of my Stammtisch member´s birthday.  Its the same old thing.  Someone will bring an egg salad, a waldorf salad, a caprese, a bierwurst salad, a fruit salad, and something with corn mix with seasonal vegetable (which they loveee drenching in the classic yoghurt sauce here) without fail.  I am in a dilemma as always and in order not repeat the same thing my group member will bring, I always volunteer to bring an asian salad.  The thing is, salads are not a norm in Asia! Kimchi did cross my mind but I think I will give Vietnamese Chicken Salad a try this time round.

So ... this was the reason why that small book got out.

So far, I´ve brough Chicken Teriyaki Salad, Caecar Salad,

Vietnamese cuisine in my opinion is another way under-rated food in the world.  I like the way how they use fresh herbs to season some of the dishes but kept chillis to the minimum.  Yes, I do love chilli but its not one of those taste I can take every time.  This is a pretty straightforward dish with lemongrass taste taking centrestage, while the usage of fish sauce provides the saltiness, the lime juice giving it a kick and sugar to lent it some sweetness.  Overall, its a balance dish which I find would fit well in any family dining table.

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