Monday, 22 August 2011

Quattro Formaggio Linquine for Pasta Monday

Hubby gets excited over what I would cook come every Monday.  He would without fail ask what pasta I have in mind whenever he gets off work.  Today he offered to cook thinking I am not up for it but quickly told him I already had plans.  We do have a few varieties of cheeses in our fridge still and I have been waiting to use them up in cooking to mellow down some of the heavier cheese taste.  I also pointed out that we should look into Italy for our next holiday destination since he is so into Italian food.  What an opportunist wife he got there! :-D

This dish calls for 4 varieties of cheeses and today, I had used equal portion of Parmigiano Reggiono (Italian), Tommette de Domessin (French), Mimolette (French) and Petit De Savoie (Swiss) ...

We both loveee the combo.  I think I am going to experiment making pizza out of it next, or some sort of savoury tartlets for inbetween bites.  Our accompanying today is of course ... a salad.  Just to balance our dinner a bit with the heavy cheese meal.


  1. The pasta look so good, how do you make that sauce?

  2. Oh I was just thinking to miss dinner , because I have a few kilos to lose, but after seeing these photos - impossible!

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  3. add butter in pan, then add cream and then lastly the cheeses. then stir stir stir .. tahts it! easy right?

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