Monday, 1 August 2011

My Godma´s Zhang (Chinese Wrapped Dumpling)

I´ve been back since last Wednesday from visiting my cousin, her family and her mum whom happen to be my Godma too in France.  This trip had been more relaxed as compared to last years. Somehow too, I felt that this trip was more heartfelt.  I had some good chat with godma and it made me felt closer to her.  It brough back lots of memories when I use to stay with her when I was very young. 

My godma is a typical chinese mother.  Her way of showing how much she care for you is by cooking you something you like or have been missing.  Another way of showing how much you meant is during parting. No words needed to be exchange but instead, the eye is the window to your soul they say.

I wish her well and healthy, with lots of strong years ahead of her to enjoy her retirement days with her love ones.


  1. i have been cooking more now since my sister is here....A nice post :) Have a great day !

  2. enjoy your time with your sis Gabi :-) no wonder so quiet la ... viel spass!


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