Wednesday, 3 August 2011

My Gift for Hubby´s Birthday This Year ...

Hubby surprised me with a wonderful trip to Amsterdam for my birthday this year.  I thought I´ll do something along that line, seeing that both of us love travelling.  The destination was not as far as Amsterdam, but we manage to pack our schedule to the brim.

We went for a two hours of sailing in Baldensee. The weather was perfect, wind was at around 5 knots, I was the assistant sailor but I chickened out during the last 30 minutes when wind got stronger. I was hanging on tightly to the sailboat fearing it might topple over :-( But overall, hub was please.

Hub surprised me by booking a night in Holiday Inn, Essen.  We checked in after sailing, refreshed ourselves before heading out to the centre which was just 500 metres away to enjoy another birthday gift of his.  It was a Variete Show Performance call Funtastisch in GOP Essen with combination of magic, acrobatic, humour and many more roll into one.  I came across it online and saw lots of good review so I thought why not.  It was a good choice because I did not expect myself to laugh my heart out, but I did. Hub was at one point seen tearing too.  Both the moderator was top-notch (kinda remind me of Mr. Bean and Jim Carrey respectively) so you can imagine how good it is. We laughed from start to the end :-D It was really, really good.

The show went on for a good 2 hours with 30 minutes break.  The night was still young so we headed downstairs to Bahia Club for a dance.  Bahia Club coincidently was an Asian Decor inspired club and asians being a minority here, I must say I made quite an entrance.  Some might have thought I work there :-D

We had Kir Royale.

Followed by a Tropical Punch.  The night was still young but we made our exit early coz it had been a long day.  We drove back home the following morning after a lovely breakfast provided by the hotel and some shopping in their city centre.


  1. Awww how sweet. Happy Birthday :-)

  2. Thanks Ju! You apa macam in AD?! The English TV channels are advertising AD heavily and its looking so tempting to go there!


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