Thursday, 11 August 2011

Mussels in Chardonnay White Wine for Fusion Wednesday

Last night´s dinner was fantastic and again, was something I´ve recently learned to make from my recent trip to France.  My cousin cooked me a Provence version of Mussels in White Wine sauce one night (which she painstakingly cleaned thoroughly so that I can downed the soup to the last drop! Thanks Sis Ling!), and had left me hankering for more but as it is, its time to go home to porky-porky land.  Fortunately, I spotted some pretty good deal in Holland last weekend.  Looked really fresh (in season perhaps?) and decided that these babies must come home with me.

My cousin said, the ideal white wine to go with Mussels are Sauvignon Blanc.  We only have some high end Riesling with us (too wasted to use it), 2 bottles of white wine we got from last years travel to Franken (romantic road) and 2 bottles of very, very precious wine produced in Switzerland.  Its very precious because Switzerland keeps it for themself and you hardly can find a bottle outside the country.  I selected a bottle of Chardonnay, half going to the pot and the other half for good drinking.

The cooking process was fairly quick! And taste was superb too! I will give this another try soon, and perhaps I should go stock up on some Sauvignon Blanc just for this purpose.

MIL´s gift ... :-D

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