Friday, 12 August 2011

Malaysian Style Fruit Cake and Iceland Poppies in our Garden!

I baked a cake westerday, thinking it was Friday and it being hubby´s half work day. Hub usually packs lunch to work except for Friday since he gets off slightly over lunch hour.  Warm lunch is anyhow better than sandwich lunch - his reasoning I strong back up but occassionally, I like pampering him with cakes and such.  But as it is, it was not.  We ate the cake anyhow, way later than the usual coffee time but its okay because we had a birthday invitation to go too and dinner was provided!

This cake is inspired by the many fruit cakes I´ve eaten while growing up.  It is a simple vanilla cake base (but here, I´ve used peached puree and yoghurt as base) and toppped with the most colourful fruits ever! Don´t you think the cake just screams out summer every angle you look at? :-D

So, on it were pieces of peaches, green apples, mango, blueberries, rasberries and kiwi.  They were indeed not too bad and refreshing for a change :-D

Oh oh ... I wanna show you some progress in our garden too.  Here´s the poppy I have seeded and which took forever to come out.  Finally after a month of waiting, its all out.  I thought the seed packet I got hold was a simple poppy seed but it surely does look like the Iceland Poppy kind! I am super thrilled and enjoying every moment of it :-D

I will be in Hamburg next week for my driving theory.  This means that I will be busy revising and searching for accomodation.  At the meantime, I will not miss out blogging here still ...:-D


  1. Wow.. Your fruit cake look soo yummy & those poppies looks lovely. Very summery indeed

  2. You hubby is a lucky man! Did he eat that cake, all by himself? :P

  3. Great post!The fruit cake looks perfectly delicious.It brings the summer taste.


  4. Bringing summer into the house as much as possible Cali .. otherwise, it will be gone soon!

  5. Almost Ciki .. hehehe lucky me I think coz I get to bake but no need to pile on the weight! :-D

  6. Thanks Desire .. that was what I was thinking of when decorating the cake ... colours colours and more colours :-D

  7. Me too ... but not evenly distributed ah ...hehe this is camera trickl ah ...


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