Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Japanese Chicken Kakiage for Heavy Sunday

Saturday was hub´s Stammtisch so I skipped cooking that night.  Come Sunday, my hands were itching to make something special - something which caught my eyes recently from a friend´s blog and it surely needs no persuasion!

If you love Japanese cuisine like me, I am pretty certain you´ve eaten this fried crunchy chicken bite.  The last I had them was in Japan Town, Dusseldorf in an authentic japanese hole-in-one kinda noodle joint where one finds herself surrounded by japanese staff and diner while slurping it all up.  Their version is magnificient and every bite lovely. 

Now, CL´s version (please click her link here) is just as good! Don´t take my word for it .. do give it a try! She said, its a recipe from a japanese lady.  I believe her because every bite is as authentic as it gets.

Highly recommended!

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