Saturday, 20 August 2011

Hamburg made me feel good ...

This picture was taken in Hamburg´s Hauptbahnhof yesterday before coming home.  It was a tight one night trip to my favourite German city for the all important Driving Theory Exam.  I checked in Best Western the night before hoping I would get some rest before the big day - but nervousness caught up with me.  I ended up sleeping for less than 4 hours and had to rely on sugar rush for energy (traubenzucker).  The good news is, I PASSED the theory!  Hooray, hooray!!!

I had hoped for full score since I had revised so much.  But 2,800 questions and answer learning proofed to be NOT enough as I was bestowed 4 new questions.  It caught me off guard as I nervously tabulated the total points of these 4 questions.  If I get all 4 wrong, thats it.

But I scrapped thru 2, which leaved me with 6 failed points for that 2 wrong answers.

So, I passed.

German Theory Driving Exam.  Tough, tough, tough!


  1. Congrats ..! Happy news :-)

  2. Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Lianne!! Das hat mich sehr gefreut! Haha!!

  3. Thanks TY and Mae ... I am relieved at last ... :-D

  4. Congrats! Hamburg is beautiful, my favourite too.


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