Sunday, 21 August 2011

Federweißer & Zweibelkuchen to Welcome Autumn for Impromptu Saturday

Autumn was actually a favourite season of mine before getting my hands dirty in the garden after moving to Germany.  Spring comes first but Autumn is still a season which holds dearly in my heart.  Autumn is the time where you get to listen to rain drops, and let your mind wonder far far away while gazing out from your window towards the beautiful hues of golden yellow, orange, red and green around.  I am a piscean you see, so being dreamy is part of me.

Apart from that, there is one thing I look forward too since moving here.  That is, getting to enjoy the super delicious Federweißer.  It is the young fermented grape juice before turning into wine and it is usually the drink to accompany a pizza looking savoury call Zweibelkuchen.  I tell everyone whom wanna visits Germany during month of September or October to not miss drinking Federweißer if they must SIMPLY because, you can´t get them outside the country.  Reason being is, the bottle can´t be sealed tightly due to fermentation process hence not good for exporting.  Also, it has a very short expiry period before they turn sour (turn to wine) and most of the time, one have to drink them within 3-8 days upon purchase.  The best of course are the fresh ones from the wineyard itself and I still miss the one I drank in some of the wineyard villages in Bavaria last year.  They are simply delicious and unbeatable in  my humble opinion.

Funnily, the ones we get from supermarket here are mainly processed with italian grapes of assorted colour.  This year, I spotted a new brand from Otto Pressler.  You can get them from Netto.  They were again, super delicious and the two of us in the house usually do not have problems finishing them during our meal.

We like pairing them with Onion Cake, or Zweibelkuchen as how the locals call it.  The french in Alsace region has something similiar too and its called Flamkuchen.  I have not tried the original one in France but had once baked them.  They are just as good, if not better.

So, summer´s already towards the end and soon, we will be welcoming Autumn.  Honestly, I thought this year´s summer had been more autummy than usual.  What a pity.


  1. I am trying to learn how to make this before you girls come over .. if boleh jadi, we will do workshop!


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