Friday, 15 July 2011

Two Parties Tomorrow in Our Home ...

Tomorrow is hubby´s birthday party.  It is also my kitchen party for my Stammtisch group.  Under normal circumstances, this will be considered sabotaging hubby´s birthday celebration :-D,  but both group are connected. The guest are mostly husband and wife team belonging to separate stammtisch group so its kinda fun separating them this way ...

This was what I did today. Shopped, cleaned the house (almost, and hub´s suppose to do the other half tomorrow) and decorated the kitchen area.  Since our kitchen is white now, I decorated them with the most boring colour on earth.  Grey, black and thankfully, a dash of green.  Putting the balloons up weren´t easy at all! How come stick tape hardly live up to its name anymore? Urg ...

Our dining table from livingroom area was moved to our little kitchen, so its really cramped in there at the moment.  But I figured, it is kitchen party.  So I guess my guest do expect to dine in the kitchen ???  Here´s my table setting for tomorrow ... again, monocrome ...

In Germany, welcoming one´s guest with a glass of Sekt (local champagne) is a norm.  It is sitting prettily in one corner waiting for the bubbles to be popped!

I have something to share with you.  See the glassware here? They are borrowed from my MIL downstairs and can you believe it that these are more than 50 years old?! They are indeed and look how great condition they are in still! These are actually from hubby´s grandma.  My MIL had asked me several times, which of her inherited porcelain collection I would like to have when she is no longer around. She has a lot, a lot, A LOT of sets ... between 8 - 10 sets all dating back to grandma´s time and some cost a fortune.  I do love some of them with gold trimmings and such, and some of her oil painting collection but till date, I just can´t tell her which one I like coz, is it NOT a taboo to start thinking of her leaving???

Anyway, back to preparation stuff ... I also made a GREEN CONE to display some of the macarons I have made.  It was one of those idea I saw online and thought, oh wow ... that would be so cool! I tried sticking some pieces on them today and it worked well.  I am very please with the result so, woohooo .. it surely will be fun tomorrow!

Tomorrow, my German girlfriends here are ALL gonna eat with chopstick. Haha.  I hope they can cope with Gyoza, Vegetable Tempura, Sushi and Thai Mango Salad!

Oh hehe, these are our new Villeroy & Boch Urban Nature´s new buy.  They are perfect for Amuse Bouche and small eats so, we got them.  We lovee it.  We also extended 2 XL serving platter from the same collection.  It is hubby´s birthday but I felt lucky :-D


  1. you ARE the perfect wife!! Happy bday to ur hubs!!

  2. trying to be Bree .. now still kaputt ... tired ah ...

  3. haha thanks Ciki! well, thats because i´ve not showned you what I´ve hidden underneath the carpet! hahahhaa

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  5. I love the black and white accents of the decoration. Hope you had lots of fun at your special occasions.


  6. Ain´t it easier to have them this way and treating it as a canvas to add a dash of whatever colour to inject some fun Remmy? :-D

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