Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Morrocon Tagine and Couscous for Heavy Stuff Sunday

Shall we backtrack a bit to what I ate last Sunday yeah.  I was over the moon yesterday after the macaroon session, I forgotten all the unloaded post before yesterday.  So yeah .. the excitement has finally settled in after a good night´s sleep but, that is not the end of it off course.  I am going to get a bit more adventurous with colour today and hopefully it works its magic again.  Pray for me!

This is my plate of Hokkien Noodles cooked with Malaysian Caramel Sauce and Light Soya Sauce during lunch, so you can imagine how much I love them ...

Come dinner time, I made something Middle Eastern! I still remember how my ex-school friend from Morrocco would take hours and hours just to dish out Tagine dish.  It had to be cooked soo long till the  meat gets tender and all the flavour gets absorbed into the meat.  Mine was all under 1 1/2 hour but all gobbled down in less than 30 minutes :-D  Seasoning was surprisingly simple as compared to my first time making them.  I had used spices from Morroco then, a gift from my Morroccon friend but this time, it was pure saffron, cumin seed (lotssss of it) and paprika powder and thats it!  Sprinkle lots of the spice over the chicken during frying period, then add water to simmer together with all the hard vegetables such as zucchini, carrots, potatoes, red pepper etc.  Tomatoes are added towards the end. Oh btw, don´t forget the tomato puree too.  It is important. The just let it slow cook for an hour and tadaaa ....

Serve them with couscous.  I use the soup stock from the Tagine for it.  Tastier.

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  1. I love middle Eastern food. This look so good. i love the look of a tajine pot too.


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