Sunday, 3 July 2011

Russian Egg Salad for Vegetarian Friday

I was out shopping for good 8 hours and more last Friday. Gone were the days where I could actually shop from 10am till 10pm without complaining much about aches here and there. So there I was last Friday, 2 hours were spent commuting to and fro from my place to Enscede, which is a 45 minutes train ride away. Minus the lunch and coffee break, that leaves me with about 3 hours or so with pure looking around and buying things but oh man, my feet was still reeling with aches the day after!

But the great thing about shopping on Friday or any weekday is, it is a lot less crowded.  So much so, I came home with unexpected purchases for the kitchen and lots of dresses to welcome summer :-)

Here´s what I ate during coffee break time, just mere 3 hours after my McDonald lunch!

I told myself to control.  I am on diet this week but the moment I saw Fish Fillet on McDonalds signage located outside, I was sold.  It has been awhile since I last had Fish Fillet.  Another thing is, I think Fish Fillet taste a lot better than the ones in my town.  Good justification, no? :-D  The Hot Wings was crispily fried and taste sooo good.  I don´t want to know how many calories were those ...

But, I did cut back come dinnertime (pat myself on the back).  It as a simple Russian egg salad with seasonal cherries and Apricots.

Boleh la eh. Once a while ...

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