Thursday, 14 July 2011

Rasberry Macarons and Matcha Macarons

A dear friend recently asked why I have not been blogging. The truth is, I have been busy practising my Macarons for hub´s birthday this Saturday. This Macarons thingy I tell you, ain´t easy at all. One must give her best, always concentrating fully and be in best of mood ... at least for me. So by end of one session, I´m kinda drained out. I look for the day where it comes to me as natural as cooking rice ... I hope. Anyway, I did take some photos of meals I had recently along with my baking. I thought I´ll just drop it here in one post before I gather up my momentum again with my daily thingy. Have a bless day everyone and love to hear from you all again!

Today I´m gonna attempt making Lemon Macarons with DH France´s recipe.  I love her recipe and it works really well with me with great success.  But few things I really do wanna improve on.  They are
  1. Getting the right consistency so that the dough is fluid enough to flow without leaving a funny tip forming on top.
  2. Colour, colour, colour.  I have been noticing a pattern.  I think I have been too careful with colour and am afraid to make it deeper.  These two are from my second colouring kit purchase (love it!).  They are gel base, easy to use and colour depth is definately evident but why oh why, I would stop the moment I spot a change.  Haha.  Plus, I think I need to relearn colour mix with all the base that I have.
  3. Experimenting with interesting filling.  This is a tough one for me. Getting them thick enough for spreading, the recipe has to be right and it has to be yummy of course!
Alright, thats for now :-)


  1. wow! sounds like science but the result looks good! I wet my finger and dab on the knob to smooth it. It did work but the rest not. LOL!

  2. i did that today with the lemon ones .. worked wonderfully but today, a few cracked ah .. dun´t know why ...

  3. Missed your daily posting lately- your Macarons has turn out beautifully ! Your BKT is making me lau hau sui again :P

  4. i also missed daily update lately haha .. so nevermind la, we sama sama miss miss :-D yeah, me veli proud of macarons lately ah ... still veli veli happy happy :-D

    oh .. my BKT ah ... aiya, should have come join me la, coz i made biggg pot and have to finish all by myself .-P

  5. Wow.. U are a macaron expert now! Congrat

  6. trying to get there but not confident yet ah sifu! still jittery especially when folding time (macaroner time) .. and hope to make it smooth like yoursss :-D i am waiting for DH event to practise more :-D


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