Sunday, 3 July 2011

Hochzeitssuppe & Kasseler Shulter for German Thursday

Thursday came and went with a blink of an eye.  I am around still, but just got a tad lazy with blogging past few days because I have been busy doing some shopping, cleaning and planning a little for upcoming party and trip soon to France. 

So, what´s for dinner on Thursday? Something classically serve during wedding dinner call Hochzeitssuppe -  and it is unfortunate it is no longer very common due to many young couple wanting something fresher on their important day.  But here it is since I love it.  A few unique ingredient goes into a classic Hochzeitssuppe and they are Eierstich and Klößchen.  Eiertisch is an egg pudding made of eggs and milk and are cut into little cubes for serving.  Klößchen on the other hand are little dumplings made from cream cheese, egg and breadcrumbs, boiled first before being cooked in the soup. Mine are both from can, and big mistake.  I should have made them myself because it taste a lot, lot better.

Main course was Kasseler Shulter serve with Sauerkraut and Potatoes.  I was curious over some new prepacked stuff in the local supermarket so I grabbed two to taste.  The pork shoulder is nicely cooked and tasted normal (means no chemical etc) but the Sauerkraut tasted funny.  

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