Wednesday, 6 July 2011

French Roses, my latest craze ...

Yesterday, I could not resist myself from doing more online purchases.  This online thingy, they are evil, aren´t they? You don´t see your physical money exchanging hands and all you need to do is click, click, click without actually thinking thru if you really need the stuff or not and then you realise much later, oh nooo ... what have I done?!

I have been shopping online a lot lately. Some stuff from H&M, mainly household stuff, from Amazon and are mainly decorative stuff for upcoming party and trip and from a website which specialises in French Roses! But look at them ... how not to click???

I got a Palais Biron yesterday .. super luvvvv the petal forms and the rich colour! Swoonnnn ...

Also got a Henri Matisse.  Another gorgeous hue with clusters of it forming closely to each other as the site described it.  Its so pretty, sooo pretty ... awww .. I can´t wait to see my new babies ...

I now have a big problem.  Space.  It is not helping too that I am smitten by another two more roses from the same website. Argg .. will my desire ever stop?

This one´s call Brown Velvet and I find the hue so unique compared to the many out there.

And this was another one I nearly clicked on yesterday.  It is call Buff Beauty.  What I lurveee about it is, it comes with two assorted colour within a plant! How cool is that?

Alright ... I guess I shall settle the space issue instead of day dreaming of having more, more and moreee ...


  1. I can't help but swoon and gawk at these babies too.

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