Monday, 18 July 2011

The Day Before, The Day Itself and The Day After ...

... is the classic slogging day for any parties being held at home. You prep a couple of hours to make sure all things are bought, decorated and in place as well as making sure the house is clean.  The day itself is spent again doing last minute preparation, trying to relax inbetween but it is just so impossible. Then the party began.  The moment your last guest bid goodbye, you sigh with relief.  Not that you don´t welcome your guest, but you cannot believe you pulled thru.  Lastly, the aftermath.  Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning ...

I did not have much time to take any photos.  But manage to snap two - one just before they came and one during.  I wanted to show you how I ended up serving the macarons.  On a piece of Slate! The cone did not work out.  It was too narrow and would not stick.  Bummer.

The great news is, they LOVEEEE the macarons.  Coincidently, a local chain call Tschibo were selling them in packets this week at 9.90 Euro each packet for 16 small pieces. It aroused their curiousity but is expensive enough that none bought it. Hence, they were glad to be able to sample what this macaron thingy is all about.   

It was a night filled with lots of drinks ... we finished countless bottles of Röse Sekt, some wine, Munsterland Baby Strawberry Aperitif, Cocoa Nuss Liquor and my Muscat Aperitif which I brought back from my trip to France last year. It was soo yummy! 

The light dinner was Sushi, Thai Mango Salad which a girl helped me sliced up the mango ala Thai Way(holding mango with one hand while furiously chopping onto the mango with the other hand before vertically slicing them up), and it was quite a spectacle (should have captured the look on their face to show you here :-D). Another girl helped me wrapped gyoza before frying them off in the pan and steam cooking them later. They loved this dish too.

In the end, I skipped the tempura making.  The kitchen got a bit warmer after frying the gyoza and I didn´t want my guest to feel uncomfortable with all the frying action.  A lot of them were spotted with red cheeks too and at one point, a few was giggling non-stop so I guess it is due to the drinks??? :-D  Anyway, we ended up having tempura for lunch yesterday. It was super yummy. Oh, I must share you the recipe one day is sooo easy but yet, sooo crunchy like how tempura´s are meant to be. 

Great to get your children to eat more vegetables!

So this was what we had for lunch yesterday :-D

Now that its over, it is time for me to start preparing for my trip to France this Friday.  Just like last year, my godmother from Malaysia will be staying over at her daughter´s place for couple of months and hence, me making a trip to her daughters place for a little family time in Europe. When I am back, there will be more to come ... my preparation for driving lesson in Hamburg (super intensive arrangement, which I am very excited about), followed by some trip to visit friend again in Holland, followed by hubby´s sailing trip to Scandinavia, DH friends coming over for grape festival at our place, then another friend staying over our place and followed by Barcelona trip. Oh, I have also been invited by MIL to go take up oil painting classes.  Now, who says life of a housewife is boring? It surely isn´t so!


  1. it is huh ... yeah loh, no need anything fancy and that´s it .. so colourful! i loveee it too :-)

  2. Food looks delish; n yr macaroons seem 2 hv stolen de show, lianne.. :-)
    where r de boys? in de living room? i thot it was his bday.. :-D

  3. Lawa Giler your macarons! I wish I can make them half as nice as those!

  4. Thanks CL! they look indeed vibrant on a dark, sombre colour table setting ísn´t it? :-D Hub´s party was in livingroom with beach theme :-D complete with beer on tap and all ...of which we later adjourned too after the kitchen party´s over ...

  5. Natasha cannot give up yeah! I pun dah try banyak kali then only dapat the hang of it slowly ... thanks for compliment, I pun loveeee these babiesss so much :-D

  6. WoW! the macaron and the food look soooo good! send some over laa :P

  7. mine is nothing compared to the yummy ones in KL la Ciki?! :-D I am still learning the trick of it and trying out new flavour. Hope to pick up more goodies this weekend in France to make it more interesting :-D If jadi, I will bring a biggg box back during CNY, then we shall have a macaron mini party ah :-D sounds good?

  8. My favourite is the day before and the day of party, because on the day before I am excited and even though i get tired I am happy and expect the party with excitement, the party , of course is great , and I hate the day after.. You know why :)

    Handy Moves

  9. on Recepten Allerhande you can find all sorts of dinners..

  10. i feel the same as you John ... the day after is the worst of the lot :-D


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