Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Vietnamese Pork Soup Noodles & Mini Charlotte for Asian Tuesday

I was looking forward to something soupy again to fill up my tummy while trying to loose some pounds yesterday.  But it proved to be too big a pot.  So what I did was, turned them into our dinner last night.  Vietnamese Pork Soup Noodle is one of my favourite order whenever I have lunch in Vietnamese Kitchen, 1 Utama. Though mine came nothing close to their version, it was satisfying slurping the soup with spoonful of meehoon.  The vietnamese meehoon I picked up many months ago prove to be very good.  Fine and chewy, it is how Meehoon is suppose to be.

After dinner, we enjoyed a small portion of Mini Charlotte.  It was made earlier with a few simple ingredients and cheat.  Biscuit fingers or ladies finger, you can´t cheat of course, but the pudding part is achievable. All I need to do is mix some milk and yoghurt into the powder mix and thats it.  Stir and no cooking is needed at all.  Let it chill to set in the fridge, bring the rasberries out and get them arranged as you wish on top and that´s it!

Our dinner last night :-)

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