Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Thai Mango Salad and Green Curry for Asian Tuesday

Last night, we had thai food for dinner. Appetiser was Thai Mango Salad where the mango got sliced the `thai way` - a technique you will come across in Thailand where the locals hold the mango in one hand and chopping them furiously on the mango surface with the other hand.  The moment it gets bruise looking, it is then time to slice them off vertically into a container.  The action itself is surprisingly therapeutic.  Talk about living dangerously, eh.  I then pound the mango slices with some dried shrimps, fish sauce, lime juice, sugar and chopped peanuts.  Just before serving, I generously sprinkle them again with more chopped peanuts to give it more crunch.  Last but not least, serve them with coriander to give it extra flavour.  I thought it was not bad but it could have been a bit more sour.

Green Curry Paste was store bought all the way from Bangkok airport about 1 1/2 years ago :-D Still edible and within expiry date.  They tasted great even with only coconut milk, some pieces of mushroom, green peas and a pinch of sugar like many thai dishes.  Now that this packet is gone, I have excuse to go stock up what is available here :-D

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