Sunday, 5 June 2011

Strawberry Fraisier, Sekt and Drebber´s Spargelauflauf for Impromptu Saturday

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday went away quickly this week with activities packed back to back.  We were in a friend´s housewarming in town on Wednesday where I finallly got to catch up with my Stammtisch friends after two months of not seeing them in our monthly gathering.  A lot happened since and it was nice catching up with them while gazing up to the sky after dinner with a glass of Sekt in hand.  Thursday was Father´s Day here so we were downstairs and to our delight, hub´s brother came all the way too for a visit.  My FIL although is  unable to express himself, his expression says it all when all of us surrounded him at his bedside.  Friday was spent doing last minute shopping and house cleaning.  It went by so quickly that I can´t remember what I ate that day :-D

Then came Saturday.  We hosted a couple friend from Nürnberg.  Not knowing if they would arrive by lunch time or not, hub suggested baking a cake for, cake keeps well even if  not finished.  And of course, he loveeessss cake.  Here´s what I baked!

I remembered the first time I made these.  It was for Mother´s Day last year and DH Oosthuizen and her hubby was with me.  The question I remembered clearly was DH Oosthuizen´s hub asking me `How the heck am I going to slice that!`.  That time, I arranged whole strawberries on top.  Due to his question, I deliberately slice them thinly this time round and got them arranged this way.  What do you think?

I bought quite a bit of Strawberries on Friday.  You know, Sekt and Strawberries when blended together is superbbbbb!  Me and hub had them for breakfast in between getting things fixed around the house. Haha!

Look what MIL made for me on Friday.  Lovely isn´t it :-D

They arrive around 4pm and we proceeded to pig out straightaway.  I like to think that birds of the same feather flock together because, in addition to the cake, we had 2 hugeee tube of ice cream with us too. I also discovered a wonderful drink recipe where I  use to order each time I am in Coffee Bean outlet.  Anyone here whom is a Sunrise fan?

While the men went off to their monthly Stammtisch meeting, the women decided to go for dinner in a nearby restaurant.  Drebbers is one of the more well known restaurant where I live.  I had their Spargeláuflauf (White Asparagus, Ham in Hollandaise Sauce Baked with Cheese) seeing it is still seasonal.  Enjoy it while it last! And my meal did not dissappoint at all ...


  1. Your fraisier look fantastic. I fell like doin 1 myself. Keep posting all ur yummy food. I luv it. Bravo again

  2. I felt like doing one of this fraisier thingy .... :P issit difficult to do ?? daumen hoch für Frau Kocks !!

  3. Oh please do Cali! Coz I don´t think this is the real deal ah. I just did it coz strawberry still in season and hub request also la :-D I shall wait yeah ...

  4. It is not so easy to do if you do it the proper way Gabi. Mine is halb-halb. The cake base is a simple one but the middle layer, I used normal whipped cream from canned because I had a disaster day ah. All my cream turned to butter hahaha so anyway, I improvised with meringue and strawberry inside to make it stand like that. The top is just strawberry slices with that transparent gelee fixture thingy. Boleh try Gabi! But I think there will be a much better version coming up in Blee punya blog?!

  5. But it looked really good like the the real Fraisier. Yes, the cream is quite difficult 2 obtain. But I must say U hv done a very good job here. Yes, we hv 2 make the most of it during the fruit season. Well done Lianne :)


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