Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Strawberries Three Ways and A German´s Attempt in the Kitchen For Asian Tuesday

Thanks for the wonderful Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail suggestion!  You know who you are ... it was brilliant and soo good I had 4 glasses straight in a row! Hubby was fairly amused seeing his tipsy wife so chatty in the mid of the day when he return home but nevertheless, he joined in the fun.  There are a handful of strawberries left still.  Hub cooked a batch of confiture yesterday and oooohhh .. I must share you the recipe soon.  Anyway, I decided to turned them into little canapes for afternoon snacking today since they can´t keep well and its always nice to have them fresh.  One is with mushroom pairing and the other is with ham and mint leave.  They both tasted great although, I still prefer them straight up.  With one more kilo to go, I think I will do some baking tomorrow.  So, we basically covered quite a bit with the 2.5kg aren´t we?  Confiture, cocktail, canapes and lastly, bake with. 

Hubby volunteered to cook dinner tonight!  Bravo hubby!  He made us his intepretation of Sweet & Sour Pork with white rice.  Apa macam, pass ka?


  1. Hubby cook always pass :) Strawberry pair with ham and mushrooms sounds very good.

  2. Pass ka? Hehe .. hubby very happy to know he ada supporter :-D Yeah, the pairing is not too bad .. sort of like melon and ham combo ... can try la after your strawberry session ah Gabi :-)


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