Sunday, 19 June 2011

Our Kitchen Wall Art is Up!

We toyed with the idea of sticking a bunch of photos onto the wall without any frames.  That idea got kicked out because we realise we lack nice photos to make an impression.  And we need a lot of it to make a nice collage.  We also thought of painting the wall darker grey but prove too difficult because some part of the wall are hidden by the cabinets and we don´t wanna risk any colour touching our new doors! I then saw some lovely kitchen inspiration online with blackboard effect on some walls and that too had to be scrapped off because we both can´t take the dust.  Then came the wallpaper idea when we saw a fun coffee jug and mug design in Douwe Egbert store in Enschede.  We tried searching for it online but could not find them.  I reckon it is a custom made item specially for Douwe Egbert chain? And if we found it anyway, I bet it will cost quite a bit.  Moreover, the size of our wall is kinda small to even think of ordering the minimum.

So, this was what we did ...

1) Grabbed 6 pieces of Slate Photo Frame at 1.99 Euro each from Kiks.
2) Grabbed 3 pieces of Blackboard Material Kitchen Towel Hanger at 2.00 Euro each from Ernsting family.
3) Grabbed 4 pieces of B/W Stripe Kitchen Towel at 5.00 Euro a set from HEMA.
4) Insert some B/W photos from our collection.
5) Arrange them on the floor to get the measurements right, then request the man in the house to nail them up according to what he see on the floor.
6) Hang the kitchen towel accordingly on the Hanger.  The dark stripe for him, and lighter stripe for me.  The middle one is for the kitchen.
7) And voila! Done with a unique Art Decor for our kitchen with a total spent of not more than 22.94 Euro ... :-D


  1. The tea pot hangers look really cute! i like it! you are so creative.

  2. Am not sure if they have them still. I got them a few months ago and thought, awww .. they are indeed sooo cute ... :-)

  3. Looks really good! I can keep my marker pen.

  4. thanks Bree! I was thinking maybe the frame a bit too kecik but figured, can always change bigger in the future. Your pen can keep la! Not because of not wanting, but we of course have to supply la! :-D


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