Friday, 3 June 2011

Maggi Letup for Asian Tuesday

A quick update before rushing off to do a round of `spring cleaning`to prepare for friend´s to arrive.  This was my Asian Tuesday Meal.  It took no more than 20 minutes altogether and that is for reheating the chicken pieces from last weekend´s BBQ.  The Maggi Letup, a popular instant noodle variety from Malaysia on the other hand took only 10% cooking time of the former!  Both combined together, yum yummm ... priceless :-D

I shall be loading more garden photos now that summer is here.  Just to share with you, I do have to skip Fusion Wednesday and German Thursday this week for, we have been eating out on both occassion and bummer, I had accidently left my camera at home. So ...


  1. Lianne,

    where do you get the maggi mee????

  2. Ahhh... Maggi Mee... the Feels-Like-Home meal of Malaysians abroad... :D


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