Thursday, 9 June 2011

Leberkase und Knodel For German Thursday

My inspiration for tonight´s German meal came from my other blog´s travel entry to Bavaria which we did last Autumn.  The Knodel was powder form, mixed with water, shaped into ball before letting it cook in hot water for good 20 minutes.  I like the way it taste as compared to the ones where you reheat in bags.  I picked up two slices of Leberkase from a meat specialist today after doing a bit of shopping in town.  But after tasting it, I think the supermarket kind taste more authentic to what you eat in Bavaria.  These here, reminds me so much of chinese luncheon meat. 

I have to tell you about this special egg! Every Wednesday, we get our egg supply from my MIL´s cleaner - Frau Pepping.  She has 2 chickens.  The old one and a young one.  The young one was born last year (I think) and this is her first batch of egg, therefor it is very, very nutritional and fresh tasting! See how yellow those yolks are.  But being young and inexperience, her eggs are all 20-30% smaller than her mothers.  We had a good laugh over it yesterday after receiving the eggs.


  1. sounds glamour but ham, egg, potatoes and cabbages? lol

  2. oohhh ... didn´t know it sounded glamorous ... hahaha, must be the language then :-D

  3. Indeed very deutsch and bayerisch :) Young Chicks get small eggs ?

  4. young chicks get small eggs and produce small eggs also ah Gabi :-D need experience ma ...


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