Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Lasagne for Pasta Monday

Yesterday was Monday so we had pasta. This was what we had.  I was aware of my plans to shed off weight so I reminded myself to keep my portion intake small.  Hubby gladly helped me out.

After dinner, I turned the untouched fresh apricot in our fruit basket into a batch of confiture.  I like to call them confiture, simply because of the cooking method ala french.  The skin was intact, it needs only sugar and lemon juice and let it simmer until you get the right consistency.  It is funny how apricot that tasted not much when fresh churns out the most wonderful aroma the moment they get heat.  To add some sizzle, I added a dash of Apricot Liquor we picked up from Salzburg last Autumn.

Oh! I´ve got a new inspiration on what to eat for lunch after chatting with a few DH friends online!  DH France likes to make a batch of chinese soup to fill her out whenever her hub is not in town.  I think it is great idea! Chinese Soup is not only delicious and easy to make, it i healthy and light too! I can boil a big pot and drink them thru the day until dinner comes.  How is that?! So yesterday, I got started with a simple ABC soup.  It is boiled with ingredients I have around ... pork ribs, potatoes, onions, carrots and tomatoes. They tasted great after boiling for good 1 hour :-)


  1. That lasagna looks really mouth-watering!

  2. I love ABC soup! i should cook it again.. :D

  3. Okay I am going to make myself an ABC soup now, thanks for reminding me.


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