Monday, 20 June 2011

Kitchen´s Mixed Herb Pot and Pasta Puttanesca for Pasta Monday

I cannot help being inspired by my MIL whom loves arranging her garden´s assorted herbs into a pot and then placing them on the dining table.  I find the idea so cool, not to mention practical so, off I went this morning to go do a bit of snip, snip, snip at the garden when the sun came out :-)  In it were two kinds of Parsley, some Bayleaves, Sage, Rosemary, Thymes, Majoram, Oregano and not forgetting Dill.  Can´t see here, its hidden behind ...

Today´s pasta sauce of choice is Puttanesca which I believe came from the southern region of Italy.  Hub thought he heard wrongly when I told him the name.  He too had came across the meaning of the word Putta while learning spanish from a spaniard many years ago.  He reminisced back his teacher´s experience with the word Putta in Germany when she (the spanish teacher) was asked by her MIL (a german) to go pick up butter (it is pronounced as putta in german) and needless to say, she was appalled why would her MIL ask her to go pick up a prostitute! Yes, putta means prostitute in both Italian and Spanish language :-)

So there you have it ... the pasta got its name this way because apparently long, long time ago, the prostitutes from South Italy area would cook up this dish just to go lure the men to them.  Since Italians are big of good food, it is not difficult to understand why.  Haha.  The smell is suppose to be sooo good that men find it hard to resist apparently, haha ... but I am not going to explain to you how good this is.  Just imagine the combo of anchovy fillet, capers, tomatoes, black olives and parsley all bind together ... :-) 

Or cook yourself to find out! :-D


  1. the plant deco is really so cool! you could even eat it straight off the table. pluck some and put into your meal! smashing:D

  2. hehe cool huh .. yeah loh, my MIL veli cleverrr ahhh .. so many ideasss :-D


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