Sunday, 12 June 2011

Italian Style Mozzarella Pizza & Mosel´s Riesling for Impromptu Saturday

If there is one thing we have been doing frequently as of late, it is driving across the border to the nearest Albert Heijn to shop.  Groceries in Germany is a lot cheaper but there are somethings worth picking up especially their diary products. We love their Rasberry Flavoured Yoghurt drink which came in cartons and can keep for a while.  We also love their Vla, especially their seasonal ones and we grabbed all three yesterday.  We will usually stock up on our Bonne Maman there too, together with a few packets of keropok, English Tea Biscuits, Coffee Pads (its a lot cheaper in Netherland), Campina´s Canned Whip Cream, Chicken/Kip Pao, Breakfast Bun, Chocomel (which I find sooo convenient) and many others.  Strangely, hub did not pick up any cheese coz I think he is getting more and more into Gruyere now.

After some shopping earlier in Enschede plus the grocery part, we were beat.  Dinner was frozen Italian Style Mozzarella Pizza with a white wine pairing. They were both good.

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