Sunday, 26 June 2011

Gazpacho and Chorizo Paella for Impromptu Saturday

It had been a while since I last had anything Spanish, so I decided to cook something Spanish last night.

Our vorspeise or appetiser is none other than the fame Gazpacho.  It was served cold, to counter the rising temperature we are experiencing since yesterday.  Salty with slight sweetish taste from the tomatoes and capsicum, I say, it is a perfect appetiser to open up your appetite too. Oohh .. and the sunflower decor is to remind us of sunny Spain where fields and fields of sunflower are found abundantly.

I was checking out how the local Spaniards cook their Paella earlier on youtube, and how inspiring! It is not so difficult actually but you got to have all the right ingredient in place.  It helps too if you have a Paella pan but I thought a normal pan will also do the dish justice.  My version of Paella yesterday is with lots of chorizo.  I had them cooked alongside chicken meat too and it was lovely to see the chorizo releasing its reddish colour onto the oil in the pan and thus, flavouring the chicken slices in the process.  Our kitchen smell great last night.  Juanes was singing his song in the background so yeah .. no Barcelona trip, nevermind, we bring Barcelona over to us then :-D

I found out that you need more than Saffron and Arborio Rice to give it the authentic taste.  The many recipes and videos I saw asked for chicken stock, hence I had in it a whole bottle of pure chicken stock.  The seasoning also calls for tomato puree and sweet paprika powder in addition to the essential saffron tread.  Cooking the rice is the tricky part.  When the recipe calls for 3 part water to the rice, and boiling it high heat for 7 minutes first, then medium heat for another 5 minutes - it is depending really on the portion you are making. So experiment yourself and taste the rice to see if its done.

All and all, we both loveeee the dish.  We can´t wait to make them again!

For dessert, we opted for something out of David Rocco´s Dolce Vita´s progamme. Pour a cup of hot espresso into a glass full of Vanilla Ice Cream.  It is dessert to the local Firenzas it seems.  But, we did not stop there.  We had them topped with a dash of Baileys :-D

Yummmm ..... :-)


  1. Your Paella looks yummy -chorizo is like "lap cheung" to us ,right? Oh i how wish i could your dessert right now....

  2. yeah yeah .. chorizo is spanish lap cheong la .. hahaha, also red colour and long long liddat ... but spicier and deeper in flavour ah. very niceee :-) the dessert ah .. can make la now :-D

  3. Coole Seite, leider versteh ich nicht allzuviel :-)

    vg Peter


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