Thursday, 16 June 2011

Mediocre(ly) Wrapped Strawberry Swiss Roll for Fusion Wednesday

We attended a friend´s birthday yesterday. It is a custom here to treat friends and family during your special day, and since it gets complicated and expensive to do them in a restaurant, most of the locals here just throw them in the comfort of their home. Whenever we get an invite, I would usually skip cooking dinner on that day too as food and drinks in a party is part and parcel of it and is expected.

Due to the evening program, I figured it is best we layered our stomach with something when hub returns home.  He whom usually binge on his toast & co when he returns home, was happy to spot a freshly made cake in the fridge.  It is my first attempt making a roll and I can say, it is no easy feat. 

I think I got a bit carried away with the layer of strawberry confiture at the bottom, cream and then fresh strawberries.  Too much???

The cake sponge got stuck a little on the silicon mat but I am very happy that it did not break.  Btw, this is Gordon Ramsay´s recipe and we both like the taste a lot.  For an amateur, I think his recipe is really good and tasty, with the sponge texture being soft and foldable.  It surely warrant another attempt to make the roll more compact and beautiful, no? :-D


  1. Wah Susie-you have got baking fever ? Strawberry Swiss roll is looking very sophisticated...btw where do you get this rolling mat thingy ?

  2. hehehe something liddat la ... and hubby like mah. Last time my MIL always bake but since FIL bedridden, she bake less liao ... so I bake la :-D This mat ah .. I got it from Falance wor ... but I think they sell in many places ah, no?

  3. I've never succeed in baking swiss roll. yours look really tasty!

  4. Thanks Mae for the compliment. I think his recipe is really good considering its my first time so, okay la .. can try? :-)


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