Monday, 20 June 2011

English Scones, Homemade Strawberry Jam and Pork Spareribs for Heavy Sunday

Living at the border of a country really do have a lot of perks.  Apart from the short hop over to go experience the different language, culture and atmosphere, me and hub love driving across for some shopping particularly on Sunday.  Sunday shopping to me is something that I grew up with so naturally, I miss it a lot.

After a few Sunday of shopping indulgence with hubby, we thought it would be great for MIL to have her turn of relaxation.  Hub decided to bring his mum to a well known garden centre at the border.  She lovessss gardening, so we are certain she would love it there.  I decided to stay home to accompany dad and ... to bake them a little surprise when they got home :-D

This is a recipe I jotted down from River Cottage programme.  It is a 300grams Flour, 75grams Butter, 120ml Cream, 100grams Sugar and 1tbs Baking Powder recipe.  Sounds good, but I still think my friend Lillian whom I use to live with for a couple of months in England, has one of the better recipe.  The size and height is perfect, texture was superb and on the dot, and tasted fantastic. I think it is about time I write to her to get that recipe out from her again.

This is the strawberry confiture which hub made early last week.  There is no pectin or gelee in this recipe but instead, uses only sugar and lemon juice - and the strawberries were left whole to simmer instead of being mashed up.  Just like how the french does it and we loveee it this way. 

We had them with scones and Albert Heijn´s extra yummyyy Whipped Cream.  Heaven!

Come dinner time, another short cut from me .. :-)

Marinated Pork Spareribs from the butcher, Potato Gratin from Bofrost and some side salad ...

I do at times question food that are premade, premarinated etc but, if the food is well made, good and does not contain any preservatives, why not eh? :-D

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