Monday, 6 June 2011

Dressing Up our Kitchen Wall

Idea for Kitchen Wall

There is a piece of wall in our kitchen waiting to be dressed up before a very important event next month. It is painted light grey, the texture of the wall finishing is not smooth and it measures about 110cm x 180cm.  I would like to have some frame arrangements like the above and perhaps, have the photos all displayed in grey tone.   But I kinda like words of wisdom too - something like what you see below but something perkier and funnier, and doing it in a combo language of English and German.  Both of them appeals greatly to us with one being visual stimulating and the other, with words.  How to decide?!
Word Idea for Kitchen Wall


  1. I like the idea of the light grey wall with pics and words -the frame you have put together looks really nice ...i like esp the "live the life you've imagine"...

  2. thanks Gabi :-D I like it too ... and the words, so many I like but how to choose? Cannot cramp too much into one space too huh ... otherwise not nice.


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