Sunday, 12 June 2011

Current Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables from our Garden

It is June now so the flower bulb period is over and the summer flowers are still not out entirely.  Fortunately, some are already starting to sprout out to bid hello to the world.  These are some that are adorning our space right now ...

Lupines which I am loving very much right now ... thanks for Gabi´s Lupine photos which she shared not long ago ... a few of the girls are now hooked on Lupines :-D

MIL had also started replotting her window boxes infront of the house.  The red ones are geranium and the blue are Sage flowers.

We love our hostas not just because it is sturdy, wintergreen and lovely to look at, the little bud protruding out from the huge bush is a looker too!

I don´t know what these are called although we have a few bushes of them around.  MIL said, they will only be around for 2 years.

Margarite which hub picked up few weeks ago.

One of mum´s 5 rose plants.  I have no idea what its called but I would like to name it Cali Bree :-D

Another white variety which MIL planted alongside Geranium and Sage Flower.

One of my favourite rose ... and named after the fame Leonardo Da Vincci :-D

Moving to vegetables and fruits ... we decided to place all our tomato plants in one corner after receiving DH Oosthuizen´s baby plants!  We currently have six, which is a lot.  I can´t wait to taste DH Oosthuizen´s tomatoes!

Our carrot plant.  I think the gap between them is too close but we´re gonna leave them this way.  One of the red radish we replanted did not grow as expected so I am taking precaution here.

Long beans.

Our smallest apple tree is bearing fruit too ...

And these are the white and red radish plant.  What you see here were taken 2 weeks ago.  The plant had grown a lot taller currently and according to MIL, it is not their trademark to grow so tall. True enough, hub digged one out to find the bottom empty.  Grrrr ...

Luckily, our Spinach aka Bayam is doing us proud :-D

Oh! I think I missed out a few photo. Our spring onion, Dill plants, Red Chillies and DH Almere´s Cosmos! Okok ... akan datang yeah ...


  1. I didn't know spinach is bayam. Cali Bree Rose is hilarious. What is the real name?

  2. some people say bayam is spinach, some people say its not wor ... so, your bayam look like spinach or not ah?? aiya .. that rose punya nama, my MIL sudah lupa so I invent new name la .. okay ah? hahaaha

  3. My bayam don't look like anything, it didn't grow? LOL

  4. oh! what happened? aiya ... nevermind la ah ... can always try again :-)


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