Friday, 10 June 2011

Creme Brulee & Provencal Cake for Vegetarian Friday

I will usually make a simple soup for hub to warm his tummy after he returns from work every Friday.  But due to my regular Stammtisch meeting later this evening, I made us a savoury cake and a small portion of dessert to carry us thru today. I was also itching to test out Dr. Oetker´s Creme Brulee recipe which was not only easy, the packet of 4 portion cost only 1.19 Euro!

My cousin in France shared me this recipe somewhere last year and had been one of my firm favourite since.  To have an idea how to make these, do click here for the recipe.

This morning, my MIL surprised me with a bunch of flowers again. This time round, she picked a variety of sunflower and Rittersporn mixture :-D I do hope they can hold long in the vase because there is nothing like being surrounded by them in your home.  They simple are amazing :-)


  1. What a luxurious quick snack/ dinner
    and sunflowers bloom already?

  2. The provencal cake looks so rustic and heartwarming, the very essence of the countryside. *sighs happily...*

  3. Blee .. you pun boleh. This packet stuff not bad ah :-D

  4. bring la devil over for holiday Kenny! the season is nice nowww :-D


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