Monday, 13 June 2011

Chinese Style Fried Rice for Heavy Sunday

Yesterday was Pfingstsonntag or Whit Sunday as known in England.  It is also known as PentecostIt is a prominent feast in the Christian Church Year commemorating the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the follower of Christ after Jesus was resurrected.  We had a little cake session downstairs with my inlaws during tea-time before I adjourne upstairs again.  I was not feeling too well and my appetite was not so great.  But come dinner time, my craving for chinese fried rice surfaced after noticing some left over white rice in the fridge.  Hub decided to cook something else with the spinach I earlier harvested from our garden.

MIL gave us another goodie bag.  We are spotting a pattern here.  She seems to be taking any opportunity to lavish us with gifts even without any occassion.  We love it of course but we could not help feeling bad that she had to go all the way out to go get some of the items here.

I am very intrigue with one of the gifts inside.  It is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Hojiblanca olive, I presume??  Whatever that means, it sounds really yummy and exotic so I can´t wait to try them!


  1. Your photos have improved ... new gadget, or new skillz :-)

    Cheers from Aboooo dabbbi!

  2. same ole, same ole ... wanna donate your ole this way? :-)


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