Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Ayam Sambal Siam and Pajeri Terung from Hidangan Kegemaran Dari Dapur Tunku for Asian Tuesday

Yesterday, it was my hubby´s turn to host the boys monthly Stammtisch meeting at our place. As usual, when we expect a big group of guest into our home, some form of cleaning or stocking up beer has to be done. We came home not just with the 36 bottles of needed beer this time round, our fridge is now bursting with 36 pieces of Bratwurst as it was given complimentary from Becks Beer! Furthermore, the beer itself is already discounted to around 2.50 Euro per 6 bottles, how amazing is that? I know in Malaysia, all you get for that amount is sometimes a bottle only! Hub decided to grill some for his buddies´...

So anyway, that leaves me with a choice last night. To have bratwurst or to cook my scheduled Asian Tuesday meal :-) Actually, I have assembled some of the ingredients since noon and had placed them on the kitchen table while waiting for the clock to tick. Means, the decision was not such a difficult thing to do ísn´it :-D

Dinner was finger-licking-good Ayam Sambal Siam! Surprisingly, the method used in this book is not as authentic as the title of the book sounds and recommends the usage of blender :-) A lot of ingredient goes into the gravy making but it is oohhh .. sooo good and delish! Better than the regular Curry Ayam I´d say, or simply because I love it this way.  So, stay tune if you are keen to make these.  I will soon share out this recipe in my ImbiNItchy blog.

This brinjal was the main, main reason why I´d tuned into Hidangan Kegemaran Dari Dapur Tunku´ Pajeri Terung for inspiration.  Brinjal or Aubergine as known here is, I would say a fairly unflexible vege to cook.  The texture is something you have to get use to.  Other than cooking them in pasta, stuffing fish paste into them to make Yong Tau Foo, cooking them in Fish Head Curry and Braising them with minced meat the chinese way, how else do you cook Brinjal?  Suggestions please ..

This is another lovely dish from the book which I would share out too. Both recipe calls for heavy usage of Kerisik which I toasted myself.  It is best eaten with rice but I decided to go carbo free last night figuring, I would weight a bit less this morning BUT bummer ...

Must be the kerisik!


  1. wow I wish i am member of this Stammtisch..good food!

  2. ah, no la .. the group had beer and sausage la, the sambal is for me alone :-D

  3. Lianne,

    your chicken dish looks so yummy!! do you mind to share the recipe?

  4. yes I will Mae .. I am thinking of that too. Do check out my imbinitchy site yeah.


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