Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Toad in the Hole for Fusion Wednesday

Remember our recent beer purchase where they threw in complimentary sausage giftaway with it? Well, we have a three packets left and it is time we do something with it coz it is expiring soon.  Tonight´s dinner is a classic British dish combining sausages and a yorkshire-pudding-ish kinda batter. The batter from Nigella Lawson is amazingly simple to do and taste really good with the sausages! But I cannot help feeling heavy after this dinner ....

Tomorrow, gotta work harder at shedding more grams off ...

Vietnamese Pork Soup Noodles & Mini Charlotte for Asian Tuesday

I was looking forward to something soupy again to fill up my tummy while trying to loose some pounds yesterday.  But it proved to be too big a pot.  So what I did was, turned them into our dinner last night.  Vietnamese Pork Soup Noodle is one of my favourite order whenever I have lunch in Vietnamese Kitchen, 1 Utama. Though mine came nothing close to their version, it was satisfying slurping the soup with spoonful of meehoon.  The vietnamese meehoon I picked up many months ago prove to be very good.  Fine and chewy, it is how Meehoon is suppose to be.

After dinner, we enjoyed a small portion of Mini Charlotte.  It was made earlier with a few simple ingredients and cheat.  Biscuit fingers or ladies finger, you can´t cheat of course, but the pudding part is achievable. All I need to do is mix some milk and yoghurt into the powder mix and thats it.  Stir and no cooking is needed at all.  Let it chill to set in the fridge, bring the rasberries out and get them arranged as you wish on top and that´s it!

Our dinner last night :-)

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Today´s Materialistic Post

This is my list of top 10 things I desire or want to have, just incase someone ask me what I would like for my birthday, Christmas or anything at all.  If budget is not an issue, a state-of-the-art German Hufhaus overlooking Lake Garda thank you ... or, either a Mini Cooper/Daihatsu Copen/New VW Beetle please :-D

But today´s post is not about me. It is about hub´s upcoming birthday next month and coincidently, we share some similiar wish list item from here. Tomorrow, MIL had invited me to go test out something from this list for his upcoming birthday gift . I have to make some critical specification decision and I am getting jittery! What if it is not good enough or he does not like it enough. It does not help too that I recently caught him admiring some other goods online. No honey, I don´t think you are getting your sailboat yet! Hehe.  His present from me has all been arranged and all I need to do is packaged them nicely.  It will be an interesting gift.  Strangely, I can handle it if he does not like my gift to him BUT being a middle person arranging a gift for him on behalf of someone is really something else!

Wish me luck! I hope I get it right!

Lasagne for Pasta Monday

Yesterday was Monday so we had pasta. This was what we had.  I was aware of my plans to shed off weight so I reminded myself to keep my portion intake small.  Hubby gladly helped me out.

After dinner, I turned the untouched fresh apricot in our fruit basket into a batch of confiture.  I like to call them confiture, simply because of the cooking method ala french.  The skin was intact, it needs only sugar and lemon juice and let it simmer until you get the right consistency.  It is funny how apricot that tasted not much when fresh churns out the most wonderful aroma the moment they get heat.  To add some sizzle, I added a dash of Apricot Liquor we picked up from Salzburg last Autumn.

Oh! I´ve got a new inspiration on what to eat for lunch after chatting with a few DH friends online!  DH France likes to make a batch of chinese soup to fill her out whenever her hub is not in town.  I think it is great idea! Chinese Soup is not only delicious and easy to make, it i healthy and light too! I can boil a big pot and drink them thru the day until dinner comes.  How is that?! So yesterday, I got started with a simple ABC soup.  It is boiled with ingredients I have around ... pork ribs, potatoes, onions, carrots and tomatoes. They tasted great after boiling for good 1 hour :-)

Salmon & Seafood Marinara Fettucine for Heavy Stuff Sunday

I had leftover Gazpacho Soup from Sunday and decided to experiment by turning it into my plate of pasta sauce.  Surprisingly good.  Hub had other idea for dinner so, I decided to go all out on seafood :-)

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Gazpacho and Chorizo Paella for Impromptu Saturday

It had been a while since I last had anything Spanish, so I decided to cook something Spanish last night.

Our vorspeise or appetiser is none other than the fame Gazpacho.  It was served cold, to counter the rising temperature we are experiencing since yesterday.  Salty with slight sweetish taste from the tomatoes and capsicum, I say, it is a perfect appetiser to open up your appetite too. Oohh .. and the sunflower decor is to remind us of sunny Spain where fields and fields of sunflower are found abundantly.

I was checking out how the local Spaniards cook their Paella earlier on youtube, and how inspiring! It is not so difficult actually but you got to have all the right ingredient in place.  It helps too if you have a Paella pan but I thought a normal pan will also do the dish justice.  My version of Paella yesterday is with lots of chorizo.  I had them cooked alongside chicken meat too and it was lovely to see the chorizo releasing its reddish colour onto the oil in the pan and thus, flavouring the chicken slices in the process.  Our kitchen smell great last night.  Juanes was singing his song in the background so yeah .. no Barcelona trip, nevermind, we bring Barcelona over to us then :-D

I found out that you need more than Saffron and Arborio Rice to give it the authentic taste.  The many recipes and videos I saw asked for chicken stock, hence I had in it a whole bottle of pure chicken stock.  The seasoning also calls for tomato puree and sweet paprika powder in addition to the essential saffron tread.  Cooking the rice is the tricky part.  When the recipe calls for 3 part water to the rice, and boiling it high heat for 7 minutes first, then medium heat for another 5 minutes - it is depending really on the portion you are making. So experiment yourself and taste the rice to see if its done.

All and all, we both loveeee the dish.  We can´t wait to make them again!

For dessert, we opted for something out of David Rocco´s Dolce Vita´s progamme. Pour a cup of hot espresso into a glass full of Vanilla Ice Cream.  It is dessert to the local Firenzas it seems.  But, we did not stop there.  We had them topped with a dash of Baileys :-D

Yummmm ..... :-)

Kimchi Fried Rice, Lettuce in Sesame Paste & Miso Seaweed Soup for Vegetarian Friday

The picture says it all.  It is bland looking, but nutritious and good for the body meal.  Recently, I dragged my feet towards the weighing scale and found myself starring at an unbelievable number. I am utterly upset by it of course, so since yesterday, I have been counting every calorie of what I put in my mouth.  I like the 1,200 calorie a day idea, it always works for me and no meal gets sacrificed at all.  Just this morning, I shed off 800 grams from yesterday´s discipline move.  But rest assured, the planned meal stays still ... just need to be a bit more creative with the calorie count factor, thats it ...

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (Blackforest Cake) and Curry Wurst for German Thursday

Today is a significant day! 

Apart from my proudest moment of attempting to bake the fame Blackforest Cake, partially succeeding in it and fulfilling a guest post promise about the cake here, I finally get the chance to meet up again with our Mandarin teacher turned good friend over a cup of coffee and a slice of cake.  Her son has growned leaps and bound and is adorable as ever.  It is good to catch up instead of couping up at home alone.  And as a reminder, it is something I should do more often too! Thanks KY for coming over :-D

This recipe is a handwritten recipe from hubby´s old German cookbook.  How authentic is that?!  Since it is in German and the recipe is written in a totally different format versus all the standard cookbook format I´ve used and read, I am glad I managed in the end.  The cake proved to be as delicious as how it is suppose to be.  With lots of Kirchwasser alcohol in it, it is actually not a cake to be enjoyed as a family! This is the real deal. So do check out DesperateHousewifeinHolland from time to time for the recipe.

Oh yes, incase I forget to highlight to you again, today is German Thursday.  The cake part was not planned because sorta impromptu as it is a public holiday here and we had guest.  But dinner was planned.

We had Currywurst.  It is a standard snack food which apparently originated from Berlin but had since surface in every corner of Germany.  Currywurst is essentially Grilled Sausages, sliced up and served with tomato base gravy and a dash of curry powder.  It is a very simple snack but nevertheless fulfilling at any time of the year :-D

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Ayam Sambal Siam and Pajeri Terung from Hidangan Kegemaran Dari Dapur Tunku for Asian Tuesday

Yesterday, it was my hubby´s turn to host the boys monthly Stammtisch meeting at our place. As usual, when we expect a big group of guest into our home, some form of cleaning or stocking up beer has to be done. We came home not just with the 36 bottles of needed beer this time round, our fridge is now bursting with 36 pieces of Bratwurst as it was given complimentary from Becks Beer! Furthermore, the beer itself is already discounted to around 2.50 Euro per 6 bottles, how amazing is that? I know in Malaysia, all you get for that amount is sometimes a bottle only! Hub decided to grill some for his buddies´...

So anyway, that leaves me with a choice last night. To have bratwurst or to cook my scheduled Asian Tuesday meal :-) Actually, I have assembled some of the ingredients since noon and had placed them on the kitchen table while waiting for the clock to tick. Means, the decision was not such a difficult thing to do ísn´it :-D

Dinner was finger-licking-good Ayam Sambal Siam! Surprisingly, the method used in this book is not as authentic as the title of the book sounds and recommends the usage of blender :-) A lot of ingredient goes into the gravy making but it is oohhh .. sooo good and delish! Better than the regular Curry Ayam I´d say, or simply because I love it this way.  So, stay tune if you are keen to make these.  I will soon share out this recipe in my ImbiNItchy blog.

This brinjal was the main, main reason why I´d tuned into Hidangan Kegemaran Dari Dapur Tunku´ Pajeri Terung for inspiration.  Brinjal or Aubergine as known here is, I would say a fairly unflexible vege to cook.  The texture is something you have to get use to.  Other than cooking them in pasta, stuffing fish paste into them to make Yong Tau Foo, cooking them in Fish Head Curry and Braising them with minced meat the chinese way, how else do you cook Brinjal?  Suggestions please ..

This is another lovely dish from the book which I would share out too. Both recipe calls for heavy usage of Kerisik which I toasted myself.  It is best eaten with rice but I decided to go carbo free last night figuring, I would weight a bit less this morning BUT bummer ...

Must be the kerisik!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Monday, 20 June 2011

Kitchen´s Mixed Herb Pot and Pasta Puttanesca for Pasta Monday

I cannot help being inspired by my MIL whom loves arranging her garden´s assorted herbs into a pot and then placing them on the dining table.  I find the idea so cool, not to mention practical so, off I went this morning to go do a bit of snip, snip, snip at the garden when the sun came out :-)  In it were two kinds of Parsley, some Bayleaves, Sage, Rosemary, Thymes, Majoram, Oregano and not forgetting Dill.  Can´t see here, its hidden behind ...

Today´s pasta sauce of choice is Puttanesca which I believe came from the southern region of Italy.  Hub thought he heard wrongly when I told him the name.  He too had came across the meaning of the word Putta while learning spanish from a spaniard many years ago.  He reminisced back his teacher´s experience with the word Putta in Germany when she (the spanish teacher) was asked by her MIL (a german) to go pick up butter (it is pronounced as putta in german) and needless to say, she was appalled why would her MIL ask her to go pick up a prostitute! Yes, putta means prostitute in both Italian and Spanish language :-)

So there you have it ... the pasta got its name this way because apparently long, long time ago, the prostitutes from South Italy area would cook up this dish just to go lure the men to them.  Since Italians are big of good food, it is not difficult to understand why.  Haha.  The smell is suppose to be sooo good that men find it hard to resist apparently, haha ... but I am not going to explain to you how good this is.  Just imagine the combo of anchovy fillet, capers, tomatoes, black olives and parsley all bind together ... :-) 

Or cook yourself to find out! :-D

English Scones, Homemade Strawberry Jam and Pork Spareribs for Heavy Sunday

Living at the border of a country really do have a lot of perks.  Apart from the short hop over to go experience the different language, culture and atmosphere, me and hub love driving across for some shopping particularly on Sunday.  Sunday shopping to me is something that I grew up with so naturally, I miss it a lot.

After a few Sunday of shopping indulgence with hubby, we thought it would be great for MIL to have her turn of relaxation.  Hub decided to bring his mum to a well known garden centre at the border.  She lovessss gardening, so we are certain she would love it there.  I decided to stay home to accompany dad and ... to bake them a little surprise when they got home :-D

This is a recipe I jotted down from River Cottage programme.  It is a 300grams Flour, 75grams Butter, 120ml Cream, 100grams Sugar and 1tbs Baking Powder recipe.  Sounds good, but I still think my friend Lillian whom I use to live with for a couple of months in England, has one of the better recipe.  The size and height is perfect, texture was superb and on the dot, and tasted fantastic. I think it is about time I write to her to get that recipe out from her again.

This is the strawberry confiture which hub made early last week.  There is no pectin or gelee in this recipe but instead, uses only sugar and lemon juice - and the strawberries were left whole to simmer instead of being mashed up.  Just like how the french does it and we loveee it this way. 

We had them with scones and Albert Heijn´s extra yummyyy Whipped Cream.  Heaven!

Come dinner time, another short cut from me .. :-)

Marinated Pork Spareribs from the butcher, Potato Gratin from Bofrost and some side salad ...

I do at times question food that are premade, premarinated etc but, if the food is well made, good and does not contain any preservatives, why not eh? :-D

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Our Kitchen Wall Art is Up!

We toyed with the idea of sticking a bunch of photos onto the wall without any frames.  That idea got kicked out because we realise we lack nice photos to make an impression.  And we need a lot of it to make a nice collage.  We also thought of painting the wall darker grey but prove too difficult because some part of the wall are hidden by the cabinets and we don´t wanna risk any colour touching our new doors! I then saw some lovely kitchen inspiration online with blackboard effect on some walls and that too had to be scrapped off because we both can´t take the dust.  Then came the wallpaper idea when we saw a fun coffee jug and mug design in Douwe Egbert store in Enschede.  We tried searching for it online but could not find them.  I reckon it is a custom made item specially for Douwe Egbert chain? And if we found it anyway, I bet it will cost quite a bit.  Moreover, the size of our wall is kinda small to even think of ordering the minimum.

So, this was what we did ...

1) Grabbed 6 pieces of Slate Photo Frame at 1.99 Euro each from Kiks.
2) Grabbed 3 pieces of Blackboard Material Kitchen Towel Hanger at 2.00 Euro each from Ernsting family.
3) Grabbed 4 pieces of B/W Stripe Kitchen Towel at 5.00 Euro a set from HEMA.
4) Insert some B/W photos from our collection.
5) Arrange them on the floor to get the measurements right, then request the man in the house to nail them up according to what he see on the floor.
6) Hang the kitchen towel accordingly on the Hanger.  The dark stripe for him, and lighter stripe for me.  The middle one is for the kitchen.
7) And voila! Done with a unique Art Decor for our kitchen with a total spent of not more than 22.94 Euro ... :-D

Cerdo Con Mole Agridulce & Tomatillo Salsa for Impromptu Saturday

I must tell you about this sauce from Dona Tomás Cookbook titled Discovering Authentic Mexican Cooking. It is fantastic and tasted nothing like any of those sauces I´ve tasted in the mainstream mexican restaurant I´ve dined in.  I think Mexican food is so underated and unexplored that this wonderful cookbook which I have been flipping thru lately is such an eye opener for a foodie like me.  The balance of flavour from spicy, bitter, sweet and then sour is so delicate and refreshing, and what I really like about Mexican cooking is the call for fresh produce and a good balance of carb, protein and the essential green - the fibre part.  Herbs are often used too and I just love the amazing mix of colour that screams out from my plate which incidently is the colour of mexican flag too.  Mexico, one of those countries I would love to visit one day ... when it is safe.

The local supermarket which I frequent had starting swapping cherry tomatoes from Spain to Holland lately, and although it is now deem safe for consumption, sadly, a lot of people are still shying from it.  I got adventurous yesterday.  I figured, if its meant to be, it is meant to be and especially so when I recently learned that an aunt is at late stage of lung cancer although she is a non-smoker.  Just like her 3rd daughter whom suffered the same fate many years ago and pass away so fast, it leaved us feeling surreal and unjust that such a thing could happen to such a beautiful, normal soul.  As I am typing this, most of her close family member are beside her now.

So, back to Dona Tomas´s cookbook.  I love this book.  I love the way how the history of each dish is explained in lay-man´s term.  The cooking procedure however is nothing close to how we cook nowadays.  A lot of it involve very tedious and long cooking process just to get the right flavour on the table.  For example the sauce you see here.  It took me more than an hour to make.  The chilli pepper had to be toasted on a pan for specific time, then later soaking it in cold water for another 30 minutes to rehydrate them.  Then blending them into a paste and setting it aside.  The other ingredients of onion, garlic, pineapple have to be fried separately until its flavour is bursting with goodness.  Then setting aside again before purying and then mixing with the earlier chilli paste.  Then returning back to pot to be cooked again with chicken stock, orange juice, lime juice, all spice, cinnamon powder, clove and salt/pepper seasoning.  Then cook for 1 hour under low heat.  How tedious is that?!

But it is worth it.  My only complain is, I SHOULD have made a bigger batch for keeping.  The sauce is super delicious.  Hubby wiped his plate clean with toast bread simply because he loved it.  Thank you Dona Tomäs!  I am on the roll and there´s sooo many recipes in there which I wanna try so stay tune!

We enjoyed our dinner with a dash of Malibu and Pineapple Juice which makes it Pina Colada!  And oh .. I must share you this too ... this is a limited edition clear Malibu Bottle which came with 4 coloured pen for you to design on! It think it is so cool and personal and the best part is, it is the same price as the standard bottle! For more information, click here.

Here´s what we had for lunch yesterday. A soup of brocolli, cauliflower and this veggie call Romanesco Brocolli which is a cross of the former two!  I love the green colour that comes with it ... :-)

Saturday, 18 June 2011

KL Hokkien Mee for Vegetarian Friday

Last nights dinner was suppose to be vegetarian but a good pantry clean up in the afternoon where I stumble upon a packet of Udon Noodle had been heating up the wok for good ole KL Hokkien Mee for dinner.  It could have been a vegetarian version but what is Hokkien Mee without the prawns, squid and pork slices? I would not have missed pork lard too if not because I simply don´t have them ... so yes, it was a sudden crave for a lovely Friday evening. But I must confess.  This is not good enough, simple because I had used the wrong brand of soya sauce and dark soya sauce.  I think I will give this a try again with my Msian sauces coming Tuesday. So stay tune!  If you wanna give this a try at home .. do click here for the recipe.  Have fun!

Mamas Allerlai for German Thursday

Last Thursday´s dinner was a straighforward all in a pot German dish which I believe is very common in household here.  There´s the tummy filling potatoes and carrots.  In it were some greens too and in this case, I´ve used Brocolli and Cauliflower.  Onions is a must too, to bring in the extra flavour and to top it all, some pork slices which the Germans love so much.  The sauce again was packet mix.  My MIL loves cooking with cream which she explained is the base of most German cooking.  I could have done that, with just a dash of cream after seasoning with a bit of salt and pepper but paprika powder is also one of the often used flavouring agent so, there they went for that added smokiness and colour.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Mediocre(ly) Wrapped Strawberry Swiss Roll for Fusion Wednesday

We attended a friend´s birthday yesterday. It is a custom here to treat friends and family during your special day, and since it gets complicated and expensive to do them in a restaurant, most of the locals here just throw them in the comfort of their home. Whenever we get an invite, I would usually skip cooking dinner on that day too as food and drinks in a party is part and parcel of it and is expected.

Due to the evening program, I figured it is best we layered our stomach with something when hub returns home.  He whom usually binge on his toast & co when he returns home, was happy to spot a freshly made cake in the fridge.  It is my first attempt making a roll and I can say, it is no easy feat. 

I think I got a bit carried away with the layer of strawberry confiture at the bottom, cream and then fresh strawberries.  Too much???

The cake sponge got stuck a little on the silicon mat but I am very happy that it did not break.  Btw, this is Gordon Ramsay´s recipe and we both like the taste a lot.  For an amateur, I think his recipe is really good and tasty, with the sponge texture being soft and foldable.  It surely warrant another attempt to make the roll more compact and beautiful, no? :-D

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Strawberries Three Ways and A German´s Attempt in the Kitchen For Asian Tuesday

Thanks for the wonderful Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail suggestion!  You know who you are ... it was brilliant and soo good I had 4 glasses straight in a row! Hubby was fairly amused seeing his tipsy wife so chatty in the mid of the day when he return home but nevertheless, he joined in the fun.  There are a handful of strawberries left still.  Hub cooked a batch of confiture yesterday and oooohhh .. I must share you the recipe soon.  Anyway, I decided to turned them into little canapes for afternoon snacking today since they can´t keep well and its always nice to have them fresh.  One is with mushroom pairing and the other is with ham and mint leave.  They both tasted great although, I still prefer them straight up.  With one more kilo to go, I think I will do some baking tomorrow.  So, we basically covered quite a bit with the 2.5kg aren´t we?  Confiture, cocktail, canapes and lastly, bake with. 

Hubby volunteered to cook dinner tonight!  Bravo hubby!  He made us his intepretation of Sweet & Sour Pork with white rice.  Apa macam, pass ka?

Gorgonzola Gnocchi for Pasta Monday

It was another off day for hubby yesterday.  Hub asked if we have any plans.  I said no.  Perhaps we can laze around the sofa after breakfast, attack the snack compartment inbetween, then laze around the sofa more, eat lunch, and then sofa again, have coffee/cake around 3pm, then sofa again, and then dinner around 7pm and then sleep ... I think that scared the shit out of him hahaha ... so we decided to take a drive downsouth towards a lake for some activity after our breakfast :-)

It was a good day spent yesterday.  We tried searching for a sail boat to rent but unfortunately found none.  We ended up drinking mediocre taste coffee in a Bavarian restaurant with pretty good currywurst for late lunch. And oh, we shared a plate too so, that´s quite a change to what we originally wanted to do at home.  On the way home, we stopped by a Strawberry Field. No prize for guessing what we did there :-D

Dinner was simple store bought Gnocchi pieces with equally simple packet stuff Gorgonzola sauce.  I´ve eaten pasta with gorgonzola sauce cooked the traditional way but I must say, the smell is too overpowering for me.  On the other hand, I find the packet stuff so mild, delicious tasting and elegant too.  Haha.

Oh nooo .. here comes the packet stuff queen :-D

Monday, 13 June 2011

Chinese Style Fried Rice for Heavy Sunday

Yesterday was Pfingstsonntag or Whit Sunday as known in England.  It is also known as PentecostIt is a prominent feast in the Christian Church Year commemorating the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the follower of Christ after Jesus was resurrected.  We had a little cake session downstairs with my inlaws during tea-time before I adjourne upstairs again.  I was not feeling too well and my appetite was not so great.  But come dinner time, my craving for chinese fried rice surfaced after noticing some left over white rice in the fridge.  Hub decided to cook something else with the spinach I earlier harvested from our garden.

MIL gave us another goodie bag.  We are spotting a pattern here.  She seems to be taking any opportunity to lavish us with gifts even without any occassion.  We love it of course but we could not help feeling bad that she had to go all the way out to go get some of the items here.

I am very intrigue with one of the gifts inside.  It is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Hojiblanca olive, I presume??  Whatever that means, it sounds really yummy and exotic so I can´t wait to try them!

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Current Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables from our Garden

It is June now so the flower bulb period is over and the summer flowers are still not out entirely.  Fortunately, some are already starting to sprout out to bid hello to the world.  These are some that are adorning our space right now ...

Lupines which I am loving very much right now ... thanks for Gabi´s Lupine photos which she shared not long ago ... a few of the girls are now hooked on Lupines :-D

MIL had also started replotting her window boxes infront of the house.  The red ones are geranium and the blue are Sage flowers.

We love our hostas not just because it is sturdy, wintergreen and lovely to look at, the little bud protruding out from the huge bush is a looker too!

I don´t know what these are called although we have a few bushes of them around.  MIL said, they will only be around for 2 years.

Margarite which hub picked up few weeks ago.

One of mum´s 5 rose plants.  I have no idea what its called but I would like to name it Cali Bree :-D

Another white variety which MIL planted alongside Geranium and Sage Flower.

One of my favourite rose ... and named after the fame Leonardo Da Vincci :-D

Moving to vegetables and fruits ... we decided to place all our tomato plants in one corner after receiving DH Oosthuizen´s baby plants!  We currently have six, which is a lot.  I can´t wait to taste DH Oosthuizen´s tomatoes!

Our carrot plant.  I think the gap between them is too close but we´re gonna leave them this way.  One of the red radish we replanted did not grow as expected so I am taking precaution here.

Long beans.

Our smallest apple tree is bearing fruit too ...

And these are the white and red radish plant.  What you see here were taken 2 weeks ago.  The plant had grown a lot taller currently and according to MIL, it is not their trademark to grow so tall. True enough, hub digged one out to find the bottom empty.  Grrrr ...

Luckily, our Spinach aka Bayam is doing us proud :-D

Oh! I think I missed out a few photo. Our spring onion, Dill plants, Red Chillies and DH Almere´s Cosmos! Okok ... akan datang yeah ...