Saturday, 7 May 2011

Vegetable Soup & Fruit Yoghurt Smoothies for Vegetarian Friday

Tanty Anna came for a visit last Thursday.  She is dad´s only sister, and she is the only sibling left from my inlaws family whom is still alive.  Both my inlaws come from a very small family, with my MIL having only one brother and my FIL having only one sister so you can say that it is usually a quiet afair when a special occassion arrives.  Very different from my extended family member back in Malaysia.  So, yeah, its really nice to have her come and visit from time to time.  Also, its nice to hear stories of how dad was from her perspective.

Tanty Anna as usual brought flowers.  This time round, she brought a huge bunch of Rhododendron from I assume, multiple Rhododendron plant varietry in her garden.  This is the first time I am getting acquinted with this flower variety and I love it.  The flower petals are huge, commanding in shape and comes in assorted, lovely hues. 

Unlike MIL whom displayed her gift in a single vase, I decided to split them up in 3 mini vases.  She also came with her first batch of cutted peonies after hearing that I love peonies.  But I guess I shall wait till it blooms nicely to share them yeah ...

Yesterday was another long day for us because FIL had been very unwell lately. The pflegedienst is doing a great, great job coming in three times a day to care for him.  Other than that, I don´t think we can do much except say our prayers for him to get well soon.  Due to what is happening in our household, our appetite had been at low end.  Nevertheless, we tried filling ourselves up with something good for our body yesterday.


  1. Rhododendron , wow beautiful. Hope everything is okay with your FIL.

  2. They are huh Bree :-D Yeah .. loving this Rhododendron too .. can plant ah Yueky, or beli from shop?


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