Monday, 2 May 2011

Tomato Meatballs on Three Coloured Fettucine for Pasta Monday

There won´t be a post on what we had for dinner last Sunday because, our plan to attend a friend´s BBQ dinner was called off due to FIL´s sudden deteriorating condition. Though in Germany, one can easily call Pflegedienst (Elderly Care Personel) to come in any time to attend to his needs, we reckon MIL is more in need of moral support than anything and so we decided to skip the dinner.  Good news is, he is better now after switching to new medicine.

Back to food post, I cooked a yummy tomato base meatball sauce last night to go with the recent three-coloured fettucine which MIL gave us over Easter Holiday.  This dish to me is a no-brainer because, both the tomato base sauce and meatballs (its called Frikadelle here) are available easily.  I had again used Bofrost product since the delivery van was here last night.  This chicken meatball I am using is from their latest catalog and I like them because it is for freezing and yet, is fresh tasting.

As of late, I have been snacking a lot.  From healthy snacks such as these dried fruits ...

To these ... (aiks!!!)

Its bad I know to stock up that many pieces but, BUT, BUT .. they are great tasting and comes with the most amazing varieties and flavour!

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