Sunday, 29 May 2011

Sweet Pie Crust for Vegetarian Friday

I did mention around Tuesday that I wanted to try out two recipes from the DH girls.  Enthusiastically, I got the pie crust and filling ready but was soon dampen when hub came home with a not-so-good stomach condition.  I took the easy way out by chilling the pie crust in the fridge first and figured, I will come back to that when hub´s tummy is good again. 

When Friday came, I separated the crust into 1/3 and 2/3 portion to make two varieties of topping.  The original recipe for this pie crust is sweet base but I omitted the sugar because I wanted to make both savoury and sweet kind.  The savoury ones were stuffed with chicken pie filling while the sweet kind was made into a tart base for a simple, sweet custard which I later top with seasonal strawberries.  I am very happy with both the outcome because the butter taste was very evident in every bite.  Yum yum yummm ... but, out of curiosity, I do want to try out the original recipe once I get my hands on some really, really good rasberries when the season arrives.

We had both the pies for coffee break before hub dissappeared downstairs to touch up MIL´s recently reconstructed bed, and then the balance for dinner before he dissappeared once again for some last minute friend´s house visit and shopping.


  1. is the pie crust meant to look pale?
    sounds like your man is requiring 'cave' time. you are lucky your man is fine with the food experimentings. many guys (generally) prefer what they are used to eating fr childhood, though willing to go with experimenting for the sake of 'love', they do however prefer their regular meats and stuff.

  2. I reckon yes :-D and women nowadays too needs cave time, no? Hehe ... oh no, if you notice, my hub is not a fan of fish, seafood at all so my cooking is basically centred around meat and veg dishes. The pie crust will be golden brown if you brush some egg yellow on top, which I did not. Haha. I wanted to save one egg :-D


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