Sunday, 15 May 2011

Sweet Paprika Seafood Omelette for Fusion Wednesday

Last night´s dinner is super easy omelette.  I classify them as fusion because there is so many variation to it depending on one´s mood, what is available and where they are from!  For example, the chinese likes to have them with onions and vegetable and they name it Foo Yong Dan.  The french likes to stuff theirs with cheese.  I came across somewhere that south american season theirs with sweet paprika hence my version for last night.  I am trying to eat more fish lately so I made a fish and seafood variation for myself.  Hub´s plate is needless to say, again, meat base and this time round, I used sausages and chicken fillet.

Omelette can be quite filling so again, I try to balance our meal with a bit of fresh greens plucked from our garden.  The baby spinach and pluck lettuce taste great.  The tomatoes are bought though and it is from Belgium.  They looked great and juicy looking but unfortunately, tasted bland.  Boo hoo.

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