Thursday, 19 May 2011

Stuffed Legume & Seasonal Strawberries for Fusion Wednesday

I´ve been wanting to remake this dish again for sometime.  The first time I tasted it in my cousin´s place in Livron, France, I was taken in by its simplicity, deliciousness, ease of preparation and lightness of the dish. I also love it because it is protein and fibre base, my preferred combination for dinner.  This time round, I had used tomatoes, paprika, baby mushrooms and cucumber together with the minced pork and fresh herb as stuffing.  Pop them into the oven for 30 minutes with lots of olive oil drizzle and you´re ready to go.  I have to remind myself to be very generous with the herbs because, this is after all a provence inspired dish :-P

The local strawberries are sold abundantly everywhere now.  Recently, I saw a program on TV whereby a few european variety strawberries were presented for a test.  They test not just for the taste or how aromatic it is, but also the amount of pesticide level contained inside the strawberries, the water level content and a few more.  I have always been a fan of french strawberries but sad to say, they did not make it to the top list (and I do wonder which variety they use)!  The spanish ones contained quite a bit of pesticide still (but it is now lesser because Germany apparently limited their import a while back) and the Netherland ones did not score that high too due to the taste factor.  Italian strawberries also did not make it to the top list ...

The fresh-from-farm German ones came out top when they tested it on the street. Surprise, surprise ... haha.  I requested hub to get me a packet to taste for myself what the big deal is all about.  I also want to know it is not just a gimmick from that program to get the locals to eat local. You never know what TV feed you sometimes ...

It was ... all that they mentioned on TV and I was rather impressed.  He apparently got it from the small huts set up when strawberries are in season.  It cost more too, around 2.50 Euro per 250gram each and I must say, standing around our breakfast table after opening the packet and trying to keep each other´s hands off from finishing the last piece was all worth it! It was gone in less than minutes and now you know why there weren´t any photos.  They were that good.  After the incident, I have been pestering hub to bring me to nearest farm to go pluck myself.  I heard eating on the spot is Free!!! Hehehehe ... but of course, have to be considerate to buy some also la ... :-P

Last night, I saw local strawberries being sold in Aldi, the local discounted supermarket.  It is supermarket stuff I know and it is no where as brilliant and fresh looking as the one hub earlier picked up, but I figured, at 1.79 Euro per packet, its not too bad ain´t it?  We enjoyed them simply with a dash of cream and chopped up pistachio nuts.  Taste wise was slightly sweeter and aromatic than the ìn-season`spanish ones I usually get here ... so, who wants to go to the farm with me???!!!

Having said all that, I have my reservation with regards to the accuracy of the test so I still think that strawberries from other countries are just as excellent if not better, if you know where to get them.  I am a firm believer that eating seasonal is the best and quality is compromise the moment you export them to another country!

p/s : Tanty Anna dropped by again yesterday and had specifically brought me Peonies (again!) :-D


  1. Forget about the strawberries - those flowers look amazing! Are they the peonies you mentioned? (Me no good with flora, haha.)

  2. I am admiring your Tanty Anna 's peonies. It that a French dish? I ate that often at my sis too , she stuffed them in the courgettes she planted. Strawberries from Germany is the best? I have to check that out!

  3. yesss they are lahhlingg hahahha, is that how LL calls you ah :-P nice or not? remind me of home during Chinese New Year :-P

  4. I was told it is a common dish around Provence area .. not sure if its french, but I guess since you sis also cooks it, then French it is! Hehe :-P Aiya .. regarding the strawberries, thats what the program says la .. perhaps one day I shall make a test myself to compare .. lol .. shall I bring a packet for us to taste? If you wanna get, have to get the farm kind yeah, coz there is a biggg difference in taste btw ...

  5. LL? She calls me "idiot boy" most of the time. :P

    And ja, them peonies are very cantik! :D


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