Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Spring Dresses Playtime with Polyvore

Fragile Don´t Crush Dresses

Blue Skies & Everything Nice

You know, I would occassionally log into Polyvore to play with its amazing online designer software when I am in the mood to express a bit of my creativity.  Today is one of those days where I miss what I use to do back in KL. Conceptualising and strategizing a campaign, meeting up with various media mix market players, justifying the market mix to management, doing the ground work, photography, copywriting, reporting, coming up with the look and feel of the whole works etc etc. 

Sometimes I do wonder how much I´ve lost touch with the real working world ...


  1. ... which is interesting cos I never did ask you what you did. The hints you give here aren't really surprising though, given your creative streak. :)

  2. yeah huh .. you know, schade that we have not gotten a chance to sit down and yak. The first and last time we met were I believe in that Blue Elephant place?


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